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From you to me
From me to you
I'll never be the same

Take the sting out
Take the sting out
Of my heart
Vaccine Vaccine

So keep things
what's worse
I'll take a shot

But I don't need a vaccine
I don't need a cure, until they bury me
I don't need a vaccine
I just gotta make my quarrantine
August 28th Baxter filed a patent for the vaccine
Published seven months later a month before the release
Of the alleged new strain to Mexico
This is my vaccine from the world and all it's ignorance
Don't be afraid of the truth
The only way we will survive
Is to not ever let these fools
Skeptically in cahoots with
Objectionable arch archetypes
Gullibility's acknowledgment confirms
By means of a broish' head nod,
Bamboozled nullifying vaccine

Standing in the crowd spreading all throughout the scene. There is no vaccine there is no cure for me. As dangerous as we seem at least that's what
screws into a lamp
We were meant to be

The way the AIDS needs a vaccine
Somewhere a vaccine needs AIDS
The way a victim needs life
A life needs
find the vaccine?
Rich man got the double barrel
Po' man got his back to the door
Code white stands for trouble
Shots from
sinus infection
from a mutated smallpix vaccine detected and suspected in economic collapse.
3 fatal inter-muscular injections of anthrax
and heroin
The United States population was infected. The vaccine was administered by the
World health organization. Whatever causes AIDS was in the vaccine
ever find the vaccine?
Rich man got the double barrell,
Po' man got his back to the door
Code white stands for trouble
one or the other will win
Cool hand, no time for leaving, we’re in
I think I’m dreaming
What will people think of me?

You will be my vaccine yea
the sin off of me
Is there anyone with a vaccine
I'll take the shot even if I bleed
As long as it can heal me


There only is one cure
Vaccine in a shooting star. Cures in trees never ever touched reaching upward alongside. 
Hearing the loss like knees cracking. 
My brain a mockingbird
leaders, no prophets telling my future!
No heaven, no hell, not a messiah!

The needle of our medicine injecting poison vaccines
Our veins no longer
that was my world
Waiting on water waiting on a vaccine
Waiting on someone to bring me a bag of beans

Lord have mercy on me
Lord have mercy on me
Ravenous to evolve.
We spread like a fucking disease,
No vaccine protocol.

And at the end of days,
This will be our legacy we
Kill! Kill!
Tongue tied, black eyes, left for dead
Obscene, vaccine, excites the head,
Let it bite
I bit your hand and spit it all in pieces,
You're a lie
Drink your vaccine and let's shrink
And bring your poodle so it doesn't eat us
The roads will be so wide
No traffic jams when we're half a foot tall

Vaccine fame does the murdering
She builds up for destruction

So light it up ah, light it up
Another hit erases all the pain
Paul Henri Louis Léon
L'ont immatriculé tamponné vacciné
Sous les acclamations

Quand l'UNESCO a dit
Cet homme est un scandale
Il faut qu'il soit
be mean, there's no 'dumb ass' vaccine.
Blame your DNA, you're a victim of your fate.
It's human nature to miscalculate. 

To make up for the fight
a sickness that is going 'round
But no-one’s got a vaccine
I think it drowned in holy water
I think it's time we all come clean

I swear it's like dying
Responsible for genocide

'AIDS is killing the entire African nation
And a vaccine is still supposedly under preparation
But these governments they don't
It's gone for good.

With our vaccine Maria you'll fit.
So we search the arch that's singing words

Don't worry.
The word dreamt.

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