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You were the source to my deepest figments. 
Yet a repentant deceiver, who surrendered to 
The uttermost ridiculous ways. 

I still scream in
the heathen for thine inheritance
And the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession
Jah, shalt break them with a rod of iron
Jah, shalt dash them in
reaching to all the lost;
By it I have been pardoned, saved to the uttermost.
Chains have been torn asunder, giving me liberty;
O the Wonderful Grace
With the uttermost disrespect just like, Bernard Hopkins
Simply, it's PC within the verse
See we could be peoples later, in business, Money Comes
the uttermost disrespect just like, bernard hopkins
Simply, it's pc within the verse
See we could be peoples later, in business, money comes first (first)
the precious name of Jesus
Praise His name!

Wonderful grace of Jesus
Reaching to all the lost
By it I have been pardoned
Saved to the uttermost
We are the top uttermost scientists in all of the world surviving 
Anyway, and we are putting the finishing touches this uh
This spaceship
to the Lord of Host
Cause he keeps us close
And he gives us hope
Build us up and dispatches us to the uttermost
So we let em know, about the Gospel
How he gave
On the uttermost brink of madness I stroll
And the rise of insanity - as my most precious goal
Quilted in feathers, deranged and worn
I fly with the flock of my
Outstanding, dressed in majestic splendor
Touched by the flames of eternal fire
How I long for your embrace, uttermost desire
of uttermost delight
Knowledge and rapture - No dread hereafter
Every end is a new beginning - When one door is closed another is open In the pure joy
Strange angel

Why do you come here
How art thou fallen from Heaven
To the uttermost parts of the pit
The cherubim and seraphim of Lucifer
is shattered by the truth I reveal
I'm cold burning hate
The flesh you possess is the uttermost waste
My preachings are sealing your fate

My eyes
All behind heavens door and the ones to the ocean floor
Strong and beautiful or uttermost twisted
All will they bleed

My bleeding

Lost control of creation
Corruption, intimidation
God is just a bitter pig
Who carries pure black hate

Can you see the genius in uttermost
on the beaches
Plain as an endless desert

Or uttermost vile storms are
Teaching my people humbleness
Then one can see my land resist
There one can see my
instruments that can only be invented
By the most nefarious cruelty possessed
Uttermost dreadful tyrant that ever existed

But the hungarian king Mathias

Night was created by day;
Day was risen through melancholy

Crying, the uttermost scream for help
Although even the insects
Of the unspeakable secretive kind 
The uttermost shame is its essence 
The septic transforms the shell shocked and blind 
A nightmare released

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