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and the heliotropes, I go
More bacon than the pan can handle
Party games and the ocean liners
More bacon than the pan can handle

[Repeat x2]
Utility man
for several months 
I just realized that my life's in fucking shambles 

Stability (I'm not special)
Tranquility (I'm not special)
Utility (I'm her
Because utility 
That's all we need

For the greater good
Who would disagree?
Or is utility
A deceptive disease?

We put out a position
vários bolso no meu drip
na minha veste utility
ela gamo no colete green
vários bolso no meu drip
na minha veste utility
pocket com estampa da lv
the utilities?
Caution: police line: you better not cross
Is the cop or am I the one that's
Really dangerous?
Sanitation, Expiration date, Question everything
the utilities?
Caution: police line: you better not cross
Is the cop or am I the one that's
Really dangerous?
Sanitation, Expiration date, Question everything
catch my drift?
I pay the food and the rent and the utilities
You keep your mind on your work responsibilities
Don't let your mouth overload your
put my stock in the kind
It brings validity down
It's always been on my mind

As I still ponder inside
To put my heart on the line
Am I utility now?
We double up make em sick of me
Most of my clothes be some Italy
I know Im the goat my abilities
These diamonds they cost a utilities
And I want that
Did we walk in a pageant
Smoke get us up up and away
Now we float like aladin
Run up a check
Then I thumb threw her later
Tell her Be patient
You aint no big mac
You a small snack
He a utility back
So big there's two of him
Just look at Dan
World's Strongest Man Competition
Jesse pop that like
allowed to blurt the merest idea
If by random whim, one occurs to me
If necessary, leave paper stains on the gray utility pole

I saw the worst bands
ways we can escape

I have a cabin in California
But the utilities are a couple months due
You have a house in Syracuse
Let's plan a road trip, me
and guide me into my work of art 
contain the utility and bend the structures 
Lower the life speed of attacks around me 
Higher the wand of manifestations
All the boys are wearing their utility drag
The girls slip identikits from their utility bags
Some refugees from suburbia are laughing
these the lips 
Is this face 
That cast, a thousand ships into the sea
O what a world
Of what delight we dream 
Every step as utility  
O what a world
Trynna pay utilities live in a house
Are you feeling me baby can you let me know now
Right now yeah its never or now
Skate to the bitch no bussing
I'm with
and no utilities
Still in my close friends I'm wondering if you're feeling me
Do you still put cheese in your grits
And do you still live off 135th
And If
not enough energy 
To damage me mentally, I been killin em 
Pro versatility 
Charged my utility's 
Want let em get to me 
I spit fire like infantry
of body and mind 

But then someway it's not the same as a life of tranquility 
And all of that time was for meaningless utility 
Would you believe me if I
Love isn't something that we invented. It's... observable, powerful. It has to mean something
Love has meaning, yes. Social utility, social bonding,
ass nigga wan' smoke up for Free 
I drop a stack nigga on my feet 
Utility black yeezy's on my feet
Said he want beef, nigga we can meat
No TLC nigga
to begin

Obsessed to try a simple trick
I'm trading our utilities
For endless possibilities
Forever and always near
The world is made of open doors
Get out
Pani mange aden pan 
Mai ni fizzi en bas caban 
Pani travailici a et bon pou sa drug la ka ven

Police in a the facilities 
Bissnes they need utilities

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