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to you
Usurp my throne & I'll sink my teeth in

Electric messiah
Thunder & fire
Electric messiah
Thunder & fire

Pack of hell from the devil's well
The armies of ignorance try to usurp us
When you stand alone and undistracted
The hate is no longer abstracted, no

No, no, no, no, no
No, no, no

I see
target practice
To usurp your experts, will be my best work
I'm takin stripes, might snipe ya, cause I'm hyper
Will incite the shit too loose, I'll make it
follow through the time.
My religion's not old fashioned but it's real genuine.

Some are prone to yake the bible and Usurp the words of Christ.
To usurp my prose you so and so
It's my primary bone of contention
I tell you everybody I've had it
With all these people with static
I'll go insane if
the schism, ride on the rhythm
Sweet like pie and the pie's what I give 'em
I'll stage a coup and usurp your position
'Cause like a Mormon, we on a mission
to the very heart of the far-fabled ice realm... for they seek
to usurp the power of the Conjunction, stealing the vast energies of the
Ice-Veiled throne
don't react
I'm a perfect example of not giving a fuck

About the catty rude people that just suck
What do you know all of the sudden, uhh, I usurp
of being (of being)

I usurp the precious stones
I have come to take the throne
I transcend the natural flesh
I will lay your god to rest
The great

Haresis dea
Once a majesty
Now exposing bone
From the darkness
Rise a succubus
And usurp the throne

The moon is full and shines
An evil
Now exposing bone
From the darkness
Rise a succubus
And usurp the throne

The moon is full and shines
An evil blinding light
Under a monolith,
My pagan roots usurp my history
A culture six feet under these city walls
I've not recovered from the troubling of the water
I wonder which angel
Deceivers have arisen to usurp Thee
They who would guide us into an artificial light
A light of material birth
A truth based on metrics and crude matter

the clip
Unhinged, I ate the whole strip
Space Grass, burn to transmit

Smoke purp til I hotbox the Earth
Born sinner, usurp the church
Death flirt, she lift
to see
Crawling to your palace door
I will usurp the throne piss on the ashes of what you called home
Vengeance in its purest form
I renounce my faith
Strike down
Rain down
With vengeance
After ages of tyranny and exile

Come now, rejoice and revel 
A crusade of clarity has begun 
Uncrown and usurp
deserve what's coming to you
Maybe if you'd hurt just one fewer
You could usurp this holy light'

I was a guardian of the light
Till a heathen clothed me

Black horizon
Darker than night
The Forest echoes
Tales of the fight

A Holy Warchild
Come to The Stone
To worship wisdom
Usurp The Throne

Fire in
to  usurp  my  reign,  my  inner  maze
Seeking  clues  to  uncover  the  clever  turn  of  phrase
Salient  words  are  found  amidst  the  haze

of the ocean
Beauty born of the crypt
Claiming kingly devotion
Evil's spawn the sea witch

Fatal beauty conspires
To usurp the throne of the king
For Cthulu
Called ourselves men

Invented poetry
Impaired it with fame
Killed the poet to usurp his name
Distorted philosophy to further war
Man's greatest feat would
the ends usurp the means, means eventually

Don't go
Don't go
Don't go without me
Don't go
Don't go
Don't go without me

We would
We would
Suffer the measure you deserve.

This decadent heir of the image of god
Shall not usurp our land for devastation.
The son of Jehovah deserves no
marches on
to the ritual drum
extinguish all life

priests prayers unheard
their voices disturbed 
valleys echo with their cries
to usurp the throne 

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