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seeing me
I put that on everything
Put that on everything
Put that on everything

[Young Jeezy]
I'm going out the same way I came in hard then
asked you if this was true, you said no way
Birdman said 'Believe Dat!', T.I.P. was like 'Shawty!'
Then Young Jeezy said 'That's Right!' and Lil' Jon
Magnum xl 
But I don't kiss and tell 
Cut a few rappas but it's cool cause that's my bidness hell
Jeezy t.i. young buck supa flyy dope boys from da trap
like Atlanta need Jeezy
Not platinum yet but on my way please believe me
Holdin young money like Baby and Lil' Weezy
Bangin Juvenile, K-Rino,