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Urine Junkies  


Every man is made of two opinions
Every woman has a second half
And it's samba time for Tambo and weep day for urine man 
(samba time for Tambo
you look at me like the dog you are
Your naked body all covered with scars
Out of the closet for an hour or two
For a urine bath and sadistic
Urine love with a robot
With dysfunctional genitals
And violent mood swings

Urine love with an android queen
Sci-fi taboo, mistress machine
Marinating in a pool, a puddle of blood and urine
My own urine and someone else's blood
My own urine, someone else's blood

I can see by their eyes
you're tapping

An ash into a puddle
Made from the urine
Of the dogs
It is very cold
And with the coldness
Comes a quiet
By a sound
urine taste.
Like fairy dust when I allow my tongue to betray me I consider myself lucky
To be destroyed by such elegance.
The Army's on ecstasy so they say
I read all about it in USA Today
They stepped up urine testing to make it go away
'Cause it's hard to kill
Swimming in disease 
Basking in bacteria 
Rotten stinking cheese 
Mildew and malaria 
Layers of reeking scum 
Vermin urine and fecal matter
A lazy fist smashing teeth, young boys laughing at a shriveled dick, urine
Running down a face, thank you for what you did to me, thank you, thank you,
stripped away the humor 
From the arrow it concealed 
Sharpened and soaked in urine, 
It was meant to spread disease 
But now discovered 
Your neighborhood watchofficer will be by to collect urine examples in the morning.
Anyone gaught intefering with the collection of urine examples will
Waiting, waiting

Get it right now, Donna, get it right
We're waiting patiently for you
The coffee can beneath the sink
Night time holds her mother's urine
of the Mind
Monolith Tampon
Big Greasy Smile
Intestinal Drubbling
Forming in Piles
Nails in your Forehead
Knots in your Eyes
Red Urine Junkies
Breeding like
Take his blood and a urine sample 
Feed him garbage and make him pick up the check

Well, here it comes here it comes, here it,
Goat above
Goat below

Chalice placed between her breasts
Some of wine spilled on her body
Wine of feast is human urine
The preverse excitements
with urine in my right hand
Now we all wake from our champagne dreams
Where truth is sudden north and we're all just what we seem, seem, seem!

Creating pandemonium within the chapel
Molesting the crucifix demon's lurk
Pissing out bloody urine poisoning water
Sacrilegious baptism
pools of blood

Learn to fool ourselves
More than life itself
Lose our winds like wild hogs
Learn to swim in urine
Vomit oxygen sad bile
And then walk...
Neptune's got so much to lose 

He's drowning 
He going down, going down 

My trophy friend is hanging on the wall 
Sick hunger, I desire human waste,
Urine and feces meet my taste.
Excrement, the smell makes one choke,
When put upon my plate my fork shall poke.
molest the land

I require total immersion in human waste

Into the public bath
Reservoir of human excretions
The sweat and urine of a thousand men
or miss a day at school
My urine tests are perfect, my prostate is a jewel

'Cause I'm the man of the year
I'm the man of the year
'Cause I'm the man
and small intestine
Sliced and ripped out of the foul body
Duodenum I minc, all should be treated equal
Rotten stool and urine
Spurt out of fermented

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