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by side

With my sistren extended kin sing
Keep on moving and don't stop
Do you get the gist of the linguistic
That I kick

I'm the chic with the hips
down to my knees
I want to play a game
If someone come in, it don't matter, just the same (I like it)
Try something fun with me
Let's take our
here I is
With the re-mix (I just wanna be with you)

(Remix, Remix, Remix)

Now listen I been single for a while now
And I been kinda lonely
I'm feelin' groovy, kickin' down the cobblestones
And there is music in every sight and every sound
No need for headphones
I'll tip my cap
[Lil Mo] 
Ladies I wrote me a manual
How to keep your man
These rules you must follow 
My 10 commandments (oo oo oo)
Let me break it down for
'cause we up in the spot as the lights grow dimmer Play that shizzle on your speakers don't delay Street anthem sound from your local DJ mix master