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more at least tonight

But Yeah I'm here to uproot ya 
Yeah I'm here to uproot ya

Yeah I'm here to uproot ya 
Yeah I'm here to uproot ya 	  

hand. kiss the future.
Let fortune. uproot you. take my hand. kiss the future.
No time now for sorrow. meet life full-blast. let?s take on

I'd like to uproot myself and start again far away
I'd like to uproot myself and start again far away 

The people around here have given up
time to restart
Pick me up and walk away

Uproot the anchor
Uproot the anchor
Uproot the anchor
Uproot the anchor
Walk right out the door
And the end is near
And it ain't takin' its time

Uproot me from everything I've ever known
Just use me and see how far I let you go
Baby look into
Let fortune. Uproot you. Take my hand. Kiss the future.

No time now for sorrow. Meet life full-blast. Let's take on
tomorrow. Forget the past.

Make me whole
Make me weak
Make me suffer
Til I bleed
Til I fold
At the knees
Come here and watch me dig my own
And uproot every
stubble makes her mourn
His father's whiskered cheeks

Every moment of this life is like a tiny seed
You can cultivate the land, you can uproot the weeds
Erode in the wind
Crucify the divine
Uproot defences, we'll soon unify
Caught in a memo file, data archived
Shuffled around from time to time
Uproot their colony
You're ripe for harvesting

Virgin cells to penetrate
Too premature to permeate
They can't elucidate
Never thought I was the enemy

Every thought a crime
Every rat its race

Reach down, embrace the ground
Wonder why, curse the sky


Every crack a river
Every tree ablaze
is rich, the grass is healthy
In a world where your time is money and cash is wealthy
We should uproot beliefs with the power of us
We just gotta put
Grandmaster Flash spinning tunes in his basement
Party wit that Zulu Nation
Maybe one day they won't be so complacent
Uproot from the very foundation
Red Chevy
These old bones of mine; enslaved by a heart
Brains of creation have given me a star
Uproot me from where I lay; the ground is my bed
Pull me apart
Call me a broken record
Go 'head and roll your eyes
It's gonna take
A lifetime of faith
To uproot these age-old lies
Call me a broken record
I'm gonna take what's mine

I'm gonna make my home in another place
I gotta move, uproot, and get away
I gotta go

I've got a foot out of the door
to question you cause you don't make mistakes
I see the sight of Jacob ladder from this staircase

Lord you have the right to mold me
Uproot, breakdown,
I say goodbye to my youth
Sipping sparkling wine from a flute
Spitting fire in the booth
& take flight & uproot
Cuz I desire the truth
See my rhyme
Uproot a life that's shaken 
Place into caring hands 
Uproot a life that's shaken 
Place into caring hands 

Scattered memories of who I used to be

Uproot your innate reputation
I'm engaged to a plight, and I'd, rather be wed
Vanity has settled into its domain
I'm engaged to a plight, and I'd
it down
Withdraw easily
Feeling empathy
What do I need
To uproot this seed?
You look relaxed and relieved
So close the door
Make it fine right now
stay in)
It's no crime you're mine
We uproot then we rise
'Cause good's never just fine
To settle down, we can't settle
Climb the limbs of life's tree
Uproot the truth within, expose the fiber optical surveillance 
And let the experimentations begin 
We were constructed alive, perceive beyond these
to uproot your tree

Yes if need be, uproot your tree

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