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Rebellion is close at hand

Who are you to say what's right
Spit in your face, we will uprise

Violate, dominate, feel the force to terminate

Who are
Put defences to rest
When justice becomes moot
Defy, let others follow suit
To start the uprise is to start the war
Paranoid conspiracies galore
We endeavor to seek peace
In this state of control
Forced in formation
Uprise in the dead design

The newborn are faced with unreason
The sun sets soon
Uprises the moon
The sun sets soon
Uprises the moon
and fight
Organize rebellion
We'll uprise and soon you know that the peace will decay
The trigger effect has wiped the laws away
Will you still obey?
Feel the vibrations
Lasso them
Hold on for the ride

Despair inside calls to you
Uprise inside calls to you
Cowards will call for
so imploded its got me feeling cracked out
I know they got me recorded CIA on the lookout
Uprise upheaval upstart over tyranny
I know they got my
Let me set the formula for a utopia. 
Shattered dreams and bourgeoisie schemes leave classes to uprise. 
Take a theory, raise awareness, class
sleep with one eye open
Dehumanize me.
Criticize, set aside.
Livin' in the midst of genocide I hear voices voices are what I hear
Uprise would you die
of disgust

Uprise now, fall in line
Roll with the pack, or get left behind


Liar, deceiver, betrayer, back stabber

me (why did the pain uprise for me)
tonight, God help us, listen

We're running outta time, can't waste it, can't waste it
Have you seen the news today?
War is on the uprise, who said it was
have no strategic reason
This soldier retreats perhaps to fight another day
Swords broken, blows taken, uprise me for seeking, yeah

Don't you talk
through fear and uprise
Fading in the distant haze the myths we've made burn on

Sing a song of sadness of lunacy's mad lore
Bastardized by the dogs
I am counter counterculture, let the people uprise!
That something, you need it, the wound that you're bleeding, 
The halo secreted above your
the land, heal the land
My prayer is, to heal the land

So much trouble, in the land
Guns and drugs, in the land
Gangs are on the uprise, in the land
scorch uprise
Can't deny it, no way back

I got some shit ta say just for the fuck of it
Them thangs, them thangs, don't even ask me

Invoke ancient
Spendin' more money on the church band
But Elijah's got a plan
Got the white man screamin' 'Damn that Farrakhan!'
'Cause one day these babies are uprise
day the bass players, they decided to uprise,
They were tired of being sidemen to all those other guys.
So they kidnapped the horn section,
They put
rise up for our cause
And forsake the outsiders.
Where is this love, this understanding?
Who will stand?
What will break down
If this uprise of self
devastating, barrage of lies
Your words are sweet enticing but false grandeur
Still I go, I go to the foutain where waters flow
Where the truth uprises there
the same rank
Pumpin' for somethin', some up-rise, plus some fail
Judges hangin' niggas, uncorrect bails, for direct sales
My intellect prevails from
and keep mines on the uprise
But it don't work cause I'm steady getting jerked
By my neighborhood up to no good where bad niggas lurk
The urk me leaving
the same rank
Pumpin' for somethin', some up-rise, plus some fail
Judges hangin' niggas, uncorrect bails, for direct sales
My intellect prevails from

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