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Everyday we have fun me and Wilbur
So happy to be here with the Robinsons
I finally feel I can be someone

Outside a new day is dawning
the pound, Whitney by the key
DJ Screw by the gallon, bitch the game belong to me

Man I pull up in your city and get my Bush on
Lay down the competition, take
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fell off that pot
Hopped right back up on that crapper and I
Said "fuck it" with a capital I
Look who's back to antagonize
You don't like it? You can eat
that countin' up somethin'
Seems the only way you can live

In love with a mattress that was somewhat outta place
Where due to old habits it can
Because my woman is fine as wine
And she goes by the name of Louis Line
But she didn't come here with me this time
I'm feeling real sad, but not that bad