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Altered space
Relative deformity
Alter reality

Part of it, one with it

Lost inside
In and out of shady places
Walking on cold corners of the maze
(Of the maze)
Following the trace you leave unwittingly
I wanna be no saboteur
Oh no,
The critics who, 
Can't break you, 
Unwittingly they make you

So don't let the good days, 
Of the gold discs, 
Creep up and mug you
With evil legal
The critics who, 
Can't break you, 
Unwittingly they make you

So don't let the good days, 
Of the gold discs, 
Creep up and mug you
With evil legal
You merely find that you've
Unwittingly set out to prove
The age old saying ""better with your boots off!""

Time and again
I've tried to form
Unwittingly they make you

So don't let the good days
Of the gold discs
Creep up and mug you
With evil legal eagles
You know I couldn't last

And unwittingly, you just take your place in this parade
The voracious march of godliness makes us all the same anyway
Since the dawn of our
of disease, which you've harbored since birth
Unwittingly the suffering
Everyday life, a virus
Condemn the molesters of fraudulent morality
I am there for a grade 
You are there for fun 
Will you give me a ride when it's over

There is nothing left to be 
But unwittingly, undoubtedly
A door we open, unwittingly
Onset by a storm
This helpless fragility
And nothing more

I met you some time before
Thrown together like a spark
our earlier work. In this latest chapter, whilst naively excavating in the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka, we have unwittingly awakened our protagonist from
Don't know inside from upside-down
We praise the famed unwittingly
If we had read that we are but illiterate
What would we do?
Keep inventory
Beholder I'm in pain
Cold blooded war
Manipulating all
Battle controls
The violence is loose
Adrenalin shoots
You make me high unwittingly
We whip
beings, degradation behind the scenes
Maliciousness within our genes

Unwittingly caged for transport
City to city, unable to move
Separated from
rules, and thus shall they unwittingly herald the dawn of the 
Dark Age. The harmony that once existed between Gods and Men and Nature shall 
World dominator, world domination! [Repeat: x7]

World dominator, domination!

Unwittingly comply
To those in control, and remain preoccupied,
decide and unwittingly abide.

Be a good robot. It's easier- and if you're not,
There are many ways to punish any strays.
Be a good ro- Be a good
That defies my explanation
Facts that are obscured from my sight

Unknowingly I'm hurting
Unknowingly I show no pain
Unwittingly I fell to this
completion will be fatal.
Psychologically unbalanced leaders in knowledge,
Unwittingly preparing the termination of 'reality'.
Yet with no malevolence towards
Roll out the bogus talking heads,
Tell us all how to think
Bearing the chalice of disinformation,
Which we unwittingly drink
Fraudulent opinions

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