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These are my people
This is a land where my forefathers lie
These are my people
In brotherhood, we're heirs of a creed to live by
A creed that
that no one reads
A government of puppets blinded by another creed

Burning voice of insanity
Nothing is the same
Barren lands for the idle man
Find all
black so who's to know
As a matter of fact, color, creed and breed must go
There'll be no light, so there can be no sight
And you'll judge your fellow men
at stuckey's
He rubbed somebody the right way

And all I'm askin' for you to do
Is live by this simple creed I give to you
Just take five minutes out
Judgment will be passed upon you
I will stand up for who we are
Never moved by condemnation
No one is placed higher than another
No matter race or creed
mechanical creed
A voracious kind of sophisticated greed

Another violent breed

The growing pain of urban natives
Slowly taking change
Ballistic sounds
loathsome tales
I plead for twilight come
That brings me back my maid

Forever and ever 
Enslaved by your heart
Forever my destiny
And sometimes 
so loved the world
What we need
Is a common creed

It's a call to arms
It's a fight of faith
Sound the alarm
No time to lose, no time to waste
a greater part.
The lesser loyalties depart,
And neither race nor creed remain
From bitter searching of the heart.
Not steering by the venal chart
forgotten the message
And worships the creeds

"It's War" she cried
"It's War" she cried
"This is War!"
Drop your possessions
All you simple folk
and our creed
Will we let ignorance and laziness
Bring our demise
Complacency, we're blinded by our greed

It's time for us, to open up our eyes,
because you have done more than any creed to make me happy
You have done it without a word without a touch without a sign
You have done it just by being
because you have done more than any creed to make me happy
You have done it without a word without a touch without a sign
You have done it just by being
Fallen are the people of a decaying race,
Now proclaiming the legacy inherited too
late - too late,
Mankind - The dying creed, Reared
Conceiving the creed of all creeds
Vampiria, fly Vampiria
In your eye burn, defying
All those who in silence sleep
In a city once named Desire
Some creed of the devil
Inscribed in our minds
A hideous game
Vanishes in thin air
The vanity of slaves
Who wants to be there?
To sweep
call a pimp
That's what I call a gangsta
To the fullest, shit

I'm tryin' to make more cream
By every step to September 14th
That's my dream
So I
A dream become a creed, a want become a need
A serenade for the tragic
A lover self confessed, a circle truly blessed
Emotional hegemony

He who walks the fire breathes
Unlike the rest
Living by the bloody creed
Kirisute gomen

Air of battle tasting stale
Reeks of deceit
Send the bitter
fec = tious - infectious
Fire and blood
Fire in blood
Wounded by the past
Hour of need
Jaws of greed
Breeds infection fast
Life - kills - live
In = fec
of emotion

Sheltered by creed, one piled on one
Do you have a little room for one small one?

Light shine, wild and free

Weep for me, and I
Thus to holy war, our songs that turned to roar
Onward in our cause, we judged by holy laws
Hailed the sacred creed, fell on bended knee
Death that
the land
Forest ravaged by greed
Corporate lies being bought
Destruction for profit their creed

Surrounded by nonpoint filth
Pollution's silent killer
will be passed upon you I will stand up for who I am never moved
By condemnation no one is placed higher than another no matter race
Or creed or gender
Born again harder
Than I was before
Bringing the hammer down
Is more than metaphor
I live by the steel
Die by the blade
What reason is there

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