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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah
ya'll interested to know
check that shit Lynch
its the devil

(Brotha Lynch Hung)
yeah the cap busting neva
[Intro: Brotha Lynch Hung]
Fuck these hoes, it's the re-do, you know how we do
Every Single Bitch y'all
From the Psycho Active album, by my nigga X
was gon fuckin 
Kill come in fuckin kill you you fuckin bitch 

Brotha Lynch hung panics after killin his mother and calls travis o guin

A trav
So we thank you Brotha Lynch Hung for this invitation
And we forgive you for the fan of ours you mutilated
And on behalf of all of us in ¡MAYDAY!
I'mma call this nigga real quick,
Mellow yellow, it’s ya boy Brotha lynch hung a.k.a Spider-Man,
Ay I’m sending that package man,Um let me know
find your ass dead in a graveyard
And I'ma continue on my ?

[Brotha Lynch Hung]
Well if you see me chewin baby guts locc, would ya choke
or vomit
double 0 seven, murder redrum wit my three fifty seven
Brotha Lynch Hung, but the bitches call me Kevin
They try to make me think they close to me, but
Hooked up with black market now peep
Shit gets deeper and deeper, meet me
The doomstown grim reaper, and PIT
Platinum, Mister Doctor Lynch Hung
Village Killa
(Brotha Lynch Hung)
Yeah yeah I know I know
Know what I'm sayin
Motha fuccin ain't goin to stop bangin now
y'all think