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on the 21st of June.
And it's country music in the park and everybody's ruined.

Instrumental break

Well it's fountains full of dogs and kids.
And it's freaky
instrumental break ] 

( l could skip an' they'll miss 
As we kiss in the dark ) 
Oh what love we can make 
In the lake in the park 

( It's an ocean of devotion
of a Down,
Fell asleep in Linkin's Park and woke up in Marcy's Playground.
Sniffing White Stripes with a Seven Nation Army,
Waiting for Marilyn Manson to egg
Making the rhythm and rhyme collide

Linkin Park [To Fade]
the earthly cares around us
My world was dull each minute until I found you in it
And all at once the happiness I knew,
Became these quiet nights of loving
whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh, yeah-yeah
I've got to get off
The autopilot,
Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh,, yeah-yeah, it's pissin' me off

When I walk to the park with my doggies
We won't stop until the night is through
 ------ instrumental break ------
 We won't tire, we'll fly higher
 We'll be hotter than floor,
to play b-ball down at the park (park)
Running up the sideline until it got dark (dark)
Outside step over with my right foot
Push off with the outside
One two

Yeah, yeah,
"Rough enough to break New York from Long Island"
Yeah it's the God baby,
Long Island's own,
(Dickie Peterson)

Took a walk down by the industrial park
You know the night was dark
I heard the guard dog bark
I turned around
takes the train again
She's on her way again through London town
Where she eats a tangerine, flicks through a magazine
Until it's time to leave her
tell me with a grin,
“I copped a feel from an ex-girlfriend.”

I know you want to break the rules
We were made by nature's fools
And so you ride all
get up off ya
Come on baby, closer
Get up on this coaster
And ride it out, ride it out
Until my theme park closes
Grind it out, grind it out
about to bust your bubble like a tree lord
Too much marijuana got me p-noid
I'm killing instrumentals with that All So Simple Can It Be, boy
Shout to Lil
ain't right, his church ain't right

Deacon is a pimp, tell by his eyes
Mrs. parks said, "Brother starks, meet you at the numbers spot
Heard you got red
his church ain't right
Deacon is a pimp, tell by his eyes
Mrs. Parks said, "Brother Starks, meet you at the numbers spot
Heard you got red tops out,
load of dope
Cause back in the gang you can get it by the boat
It's 1993 new bounds are being broken
If you ain't bangin' then you gots to be smokin'
powerin' through
He wants to look after his mum
Somethin' his dad couldn't do
He used to train out in the park
In the blistering cold
Until the roads
Um, yeah palms sweating guess it's time for the murder
My nigga my nerve, I swerve left you dead on the curb
Tell his family get them black clothes
to the table 
Then he'll mutilate your 
Come it's nearly teatime 
The lunatics arrive 
The keepers bleed them all until 
There's no one left a 
like it's two of me
Evidently, I'm hated by a few MC's
But so what? I just max like I'm playing the sax
And take the crowd to the climax
Yo, Cool J,
baby, if you need some
Caroline, love it like you know

(Instrumental Break)

(Male Rap)
Caroline, I love you, let me tell you how
I wanna do it to you
Billy Bill say, "a bitch ain't nothing"
Grab her by the arm and break
Grab her by the life and take it
And, ya know, the sight'll make ya sick
Violent J,
the condom 
and this wouldn't have been so hard 
Should'nt of, but it's not that way 
I fought that way 
I lay until I no longer thought that way 
None of this
Poetry deep in the team
Y'all done stepped on we, the green green
Bust it

Suits of brutality patrol sectors
Day care centers ran by vestors

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