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take us back

To an unswerving faith in the power of your name
A heart beating for your kingdom to reign
A church that is known for your presence
My cause is just; my will, unswerving
In the moonlight
And any suspicions now manifesting
In the moonlight

Have no place, have no power
To obstruct,
the rocks meet an unswerving beat

Early sunset
A mirror away
You never look back
You never pray
You tend to feel things
Before I do
All my belongings,
How unswerving and precious
Is the grand lovingkindness
The lovingkindness is so precious
The lovingkindness of Yours, my God

The children of man
the parliamentarian
With an unswerving dedication
Like a little vacation
Like a little old song that I want to hear
Like a big libation
Like a flattering sentence
and unswerving girl
To putter around the house
Oh, oh,

Think of her at the dustbin
'Specially when she's just been
Traipsing about

Oh, oh,

Strange foreign chaps in white bed-sheets:
See golden halo'd men of high renown,
Prance to the politicians' beat.
Well tailored in unswerving
back to you

Every magic potion
Every false emotion
How unswerving our devotion
To the lies we know are almost true

Every sweet confusion
they moved on and on. 

Who came building missions? 
Unswerving men of the cloth who gave their lives in numbers untold so that black sheep entered
Oh, where is your inflammatory writ?
Your text that would incite a light, "Be lit"?
Our music-deserving, devotion-unswerving
Cry "Do I deserve
To stop me slipping up when the world deserves it
Let Jesus take the wheel
Like the whip come with stained glass
On route 666
Play with fire,
with the time
That’s why you ain’t gotta look for it somewhere in your head
But you have to be determined, resolute, unswerving
You have to be brave,
told you that you couldn't
Lives in fear that you'll achieve the things in life they think you shouldn't
A parallel digression, unswerving in direction
have been wonderful.
Our institutions of justice,
the courts, and the police,
require the unswerving support of every law-abiding
citizen. I think it
Unswerving strength and absolute devotion.

Jaya Sita Ram Jaya Hanuman
Jaya Sita Ram Jaya Hanuman

Bhajarangi Hanuman
Bhajarangi Hanuman 
when he had died
And he met his maker
He was unswerving, he had a clear conscience
Shocked when god laughed at him
And said, Why did you waste your
turning (advance as one)
War's attrition has begun
Intense the battle harvest
Through the crimson mud
Now thoughts turn and decline
Unswerving loyalty
Don't stay within their lines
Don't scramble for the dollar signs
They'll find you if you're deserving
If your course is unswerving

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