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Make your mission impossible 
Music-making unsolvable 
Reason needed we beat it 
Practice makes perfect we teach it 
Absorbing music we leeches
better for myself
I won't play a game thats unsolvable
It's hard to pretend like nobody cares
I still remember when we there
And I
I sit and cry
the last of the puzzle
We'd die unsolvable

And If I believe in all I've seen
Cover to cover in magazines
Well, we're a lot like them
I won't leave your bed
You know you're everything to me
Can't you see
You are my puzzle, so unsolvable
You're my greatest mystery, eternally
There is no love like
Questions I used to ask myself
Answers I needed now
Problems seem so unsolvable
But nothing much bothers me now
Nothing bothers me at all

I'm falling
I tried to find the origin of all the guilt and shame inside my mind
It was pretty unsolvable, I had to self reflect cuz I was blind

Using drugs
Ay, yeah
This situation seems unsolvable
It's insoluble
But he said it is resolvable
I'm walking on the quicksand
This world is going
Unsolvable puzzle problem
You're just my problem
Can't you put away your pride
Would it kill you to set it aside
Sorry for ruining your stride
If you did you'd
to miss it all again 

Why do you follow, why do you follow all your hopes
When they're impossible, and unsolvable why do you follow all these ghosts 
head is feeding me advice in an unsolvable riddle
Are you telling me something
Cause nothing yeah nothing is all
That I want to hear
Thus far I'm leading
anything unsolvable unravels in your grace

I want to know you better
Know you better
As I watch you transform
My thunder storm
Yes, I wanna 
Know you
lanes not possible
And so they got illogical reasons to always be callin an audible
That's why I'm so methodical solvin the unsolvable
You can fix
so close to innovation
Nothing is unsolvable
Love with hate, that's chemistry of the insoluble form

I'm so tired of my favorite rappers getting
know when things have changed

Feeling complicated

Feeling fake

Feeling trapped in an unsolvable maze

Do I just live
Does a single sigh
Make the heights too high
Unreachable sky
Does a simple shrug
Make a victim
Unsolvable conundrum
Pull it out of thin air
Pull it
Does a single sigh
Make the heights too high
Unreachable sky
Does a simple shrug
Make a victim
Unsolvable conundrum
Pull it out of thin air
Pull it
Sundays are so violent
Oh we're all lonely, only trying to find it
Oh we're all lonely, lonely trying to fight it
Dark coffee stains
Unsolvable riddles
Affected areas might only be topical
I'm still giving it everything that I got because it's possible, uh
Although unsolvable
Everything is so
they exist and
Must be veiled (Whatever)
Unsolvable mystery (Oh no)
Unforgivable thief
Where is your love, love, love?
You must connect the antenna
like this shit is an obstacle
Know a few people that's really unsolvable
Who in the fuck told you I was responsible
Like that shitwas last night
unsolvable, impossible
I can't let go
Cause I gotta know what the answer is

Don't tell me, it can't be
I've never been this lonely
I've never be lonely
Like every problem in life was unsolvable
But really it was a blessing
To learn exactly what not to do
I know that life gets hard sometimes
day I'mma take a holiday tropical
Yeah life was horrible don't get emotional
Make it out probable puzzle unsolvable
The Sabo chronicles no I ain't
Perfection just a word that's unsolvable
Correction, done loaded obstacles, the meaning's impossible
Conceal or manifest it, yet others claim society done

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