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would save then victory happened
Victory happened
This is what happens
When you go shake up the world in second you vibrate the atoms
When you unsheath
Unleash a stranger from a kiss, my friend
No incantations of remorse, my friend
Unsheath the blade within the voice
My friend, my friend, my friend, my
Brothers and sisters in arms
Spurred by an unholy vision
The source of this forsaken war
Holy knights unsheath your swords
Imbue them with glorious faith
don't, I'll unsheath my Excalibur
Like a noble knight, so meet ya challenger
A true hero, while you're a through zero
Gettin beat to a pulp so that you
I'm hot all the time like I'm in cancun
I'll saddle up my horse and I'm ready for war
I unsheath the beast, better steady your sword
Or get cut wide
Fourteen, when I threw my dream

I say no more, you people are beneath me
Cheat me, hell yeah you beneath me
Say that again, I'll unsheath three
The slicing has just begun

Sip after sip
I drink the Devil's piss
In a crazed state
I unsheath my blade
Slicing once or twice
Bleeding to suffice
on the wall am I the loveliest of all?"
Blindfolded I was and a stake pierced my heart
The curse of the witch tore my senses apart
I will unsheath my sword now
Unsheath my blade and sever both your arms that's what you fucking get 
Yo bitch heard a few of my words she already becoming wet 
I'm gonna carve
Jalapeno, too

Fuck it, gimme that chilli 
Man, I'm so stoked
Walk up to the register and pay
Walk out, feeling great

Get to my car and
Unsheath excalibur
kneel down at once
don't force me to release my magic carpet
You you you kneel down at once
don't force me to unsheath my magic sword
You you you kneel
Battles rage throughout hamlets and empires
Heroes die, legends are born
The righteous pray all through the eons
Still the evil unsheaths

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