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In the morning I can see
Everything I'm supposed to be
But when I wake, I can see
There's a lion next to me
Don't look he can tell I'm unsecure
to myself when I'm with you boy
I'm so scared of what you wanna do to my health, I feel unsecure
Scared of what I wanna do
Scared of nobody, only you

unsecure,I'm self assured 
Every time I feel you,I feel you 

People fall and lose their way 
Because of you I'll know,I'll stay 
(know I'll stay,know I'll
I shouldn't have called so late last night
Unsecure, out of my mind
I shouldn't have left that message on your phone

I shouldn't have said
Cold to the spine, Wearing only rags
Looking for a job, Who needs a hand
Never to be, The first in line
Afraid and unsecure, Thereś no hope
Why was I
really make me any good
And I try to fall in love
Like a pill I swallow
But I feel unwanted, unsecure

Stuck but safe in a living tomb
Tired but safe in
armour's pliable take in breath all unsecure 
Check your error gauge again are you penning in 
Had to bend to whims i am simp-ly shedding skin

Now than Sillyvisation with it's catch for sensation ain't nothing
But a shield towards unsecure relations, Between you and me
Me and them, them
I feel myself caving in
Everyone mistaking him
Falling out the wall like an unsecure push pin
We'll just let the bottle spin
Mark the spot it follows
an understanding you went back to the same shit
I let my Fears fall crawl in Unsecure with the Fit 
Tears falling I cant drink to this
Better days in my Mind
to hide hard words from the unsecure
Inking patterns for incision to dissect an intelligence of ingenious decision
Unsecure we must go

Searching and wasting
While contemplating
Now I've forsaken
The undertaking

Caught up behind
Trailing, it's hard to find
I am the unsecure
We are not in control and if they're deceiving me then you know they've lied to you
I was the penantant one, the pious among
burning flesh everywhere
unsecure elements of fear
lethal hunger for peace and tranquillity
question: how come you can't accept
the fat sweaty person
the abyss

Schoolchildren shoot and kill just for fun
Young kids feel unsecure without a gun
You take your aim and then you try to run
Unstable psycho
your humility
IPod always on, you got it going on
Like TV reality

Yeah, you act so cool
But I know underneath it all
You're just unsecure - who needs
The creation I can't remember
Unsecure I roam in fear
The final steps I've taken
What waits beyond this void?

"I sucked out your lifeblood
you express your feelings like you did
I feel so unsecure, 'cause you're everything to me
You're like the sunshine, the birds in the sky
The stars I see

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