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on the beat like I'm benching it
Matches with me are unsanctioned bitch
Ranked number one in the nation bitch
I'm like Jack Black my D tenacious bitch
An unsanctioned release
I said "Sayonara"
My escape through the hills of Northern Florida
A family drives from Georgia
Grandma tries to warn 'em
for yourself, there is no crime
Judged by those from the outside
Unsanctioned death, with sanctioned blind

Take your own with peace of mind

Indulge and consume uninhibited grandeur
Until of course, the earth is ravaged
The fires of Armageddon rage and savage
As as demons taste of souls
For her unsanctioned art 

Somethings wrong, somethings vile
The sanctum of sovereign defiled 
A forbidden duality
Two entities merged into one

of tangible, Žižkov will show you the true caliber
It will send targets flying
As soon as they start conspiring on some unsanctioned vialing
All the while
niggas they cannot beat me with envy
Invest in the manifest worth every penny yeah
Take it to trial it's unsanctioned
They in denial they feel anguish
Let my people go, but who are my people anyway
The ones who wear crosses or unsanctioned slavery
Ain't you really symbolize hypnotism
That's what
worn out, know nothing else, their life is hell, death gives 
Them purpose

Vacant sense of their own worth, unsanctioned war, destruction
Unsanctioned charity as we have so much to give
There is acceptance without monetary gain
Open your hearts and eyes and live for the same

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