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that are unresolved, unresolved

Unanswered are the questions I have carried
Of the reasons and the whys for all this loss
Unsettled are the feelings
The unresolved plot
The letters never sent
I called your name a hundred times
Had to let it ring
I laid the blame a million miles
The consequence it brings
wrong when I'm speaking
It's awful to leave unresolved, but I'm leaving it all
For the feeling of all I believe in

I tend to beat around the bush,
into no mans land
In a war that's unresolved

And I've been firing all my bullets
I've used all my magazines
I'm still captain of this sinking ship
But I
the pioneers are gone,
All that's left are unresolved,
Out-of-step opinions.
Then you, say the word and I will come,
With overbearing clouds of war.
that's left are unresolved
Out of step opinions

And you say the word and I will come
With overbearing clouds of woe
Out of breath but not alone
Yeah, you want a problem?
Lil' bitch, I ain't involved (involved)
Everything that we talk 'bout still left unresolved (resolved)
Baby, you was just
when I faced you in my blank confusion
I realized you weren't wrong, was a mere illusion

It really didn't make sense
Just to leave this unresolved
when I faced you in my blank confusion
I realized you weren't wrong, was a mere illusion

It really didn't make sense
Just to leave this unresolved
rolls by

The mystery's out now, and it won't be solved
Another revelation left unresolved
I wanna speak out, I wanna scream
I wanna say something for
and wake me I been uninvolved and
Come and wake me I don't get you calls and
I been waiting I been unresolved yeah
You were waiting come and wake me yuh
Believe it or not
Sometimes your best bet
Is better left unresolved
Don't make a problem
Out of nothing
If you can't run for long
The things I've
days are numbered i've waited too long
leaving hours unresolved
leaving hours unresolved

unprovided, the victim time and time again
only this time it
a rapper
You wanna get away with murder? Kill a rapper

Scott LaRock's a open case, unresolved
The cops never find the killer, when it's one of ours
Tense situations left unresolved.
Something comes up, you get involved.
In justifications of foreign relations that have nothing to do,
I'll take it up with angels
When I die in my sleep
And I'm left here unresolved
Yeah I'm left here unresolved
Yeah I'm left here unresolved
end being unresolved
And for now I think I've had enough so lets call it a day..

All I have left to give are my tears
All I have left to give are
Are you waiting for something
'cause there's a tension in the air
Of something unresolved
I can smell it in your hair
So step down (step down)
of unresolved feelings 
Got a lot of unresolved feelings
We should talk for one last time, yeah 
Then I mistakenly call you mine, yeah 
Then dumb ass me blames
Resolved, Unresolved

You should breath in as I take all the air from you
Then again I'm just poison running through
Take this tongue, untie it
Sick of you and your unresolved shit
Your unresolved shit
Swear you adult
But you act like a kid
You act like a kid
So I'm out here
My mind is at war
I don’t know if it’s me
But I get the feeling there’s something between us
Lingering and unresolved
You act like everything is
Am I just a chord unresolved 
A room but no home? 
Am I an echo alone 
Nowhere to go? 

Will I be on my own? 
Will my story be told? 
Will the charts

Darker doings
In dark room lighting
Temptress calling

And just when the thought arrives
Lights will shine beneath me
In the camera's

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