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I been on a hustle, in and outta trouble
Real rap no mumble bring it on bruv we can tussle
These rappers wanna scuffle but they can't unpick
too handle

So forget the labels
Let's un-sew what has been stitched
Oh forget the drama
Let's unpick what has been picked 

Cos I'm so sick
pills in my hand hoping for your presence
Please come on, don't let me here alone
Unpick the padded wall please
They screw with you, don't take care
pulled apart
Dissected, over-analysed
The more you ask the deeper it gets
And you can't unpick the knot
Why didn't we see it in the distance?
that is now...?)
Someone that I barely know must unpick the stitch
To unravel the unconscious life,
Travel the unconscious life,
Gather the unconscious
want to be alone,
Unpick the stitches of time
In London
In the no-go zone.
I've been kicking around like a dog,
Lost myself in the blank mass
A chosen haven for a girl
Creating her life's work

You dream a legend so I start
To weave a hero in my art
As I unpick the final dart
From his embroidered
Is it a crime?
Time's stuck still in the seventies 
Still don't align with their politics, they still trying to unpick
Tried that with Angela Davis
A spark that flares into a flame
And when you feel it you'll remember
Little miss lonely heart
It always feels so different at the start
But time unpicks
feel what peace is
Coz i know that you're a psychopath
You try unpick the seams
Til life feels like a dream
And now you want to scream: insanity
Coz I
I get to see you often
Sometimes a wall rises up between us
Can we unpick it with this corkscrew

In another world of bodies, beats and hearts pumped
like this but here we sit
I'll take the heat cause you took it all

So now that you'll listen, unpick the stitches that we've sewn
These wilted roses,
eyes of the universe
In your basement, now it's getting worse
You can unpick all the threads of your despair
Because everything you're yearning for
I can be your cocoon

Watching you grow
Watching you grow

You can slow time
With a finger, you are mine
You unpick the fault lines
You stop
Autumn's touch, harvest worn 
Winter's grasp beckons us on
Hallowed seed, occasional thorn
Unpick the wire around our dawn
Can you hear nature sing
the firmament's bright
I want to be wild
And free again

Caught between the shadows
And the light
The white moon unpicks you
And shows all your scars
and debris
You could

Is this thing on?
A secret a secret
cos you don't share
Anything like you mean it

Time we unpick the locks
Of your little black box
just beginning to trust you it seems
At the point that you needed to unpick the seams
Of the life around
When love surrounds you
And now it's too late

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