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your name as 'put to death'  Lie dead... unnameable  I've waited so long I've hated so strong Blinding fury is the beast on my back What kind of coward
Unknown, unnameable, in our midst
May music speak your name into silence

Let us together acknowledge the dignity of all people
Each created in your
sound is unnameable
They peep they hate, they say how is it attainable
I’ll just show you I got it from joy
All praise to god I kept rapping
would be the tamer?
And who would hear directions clear
From the unnameable namer?

Who would skip and who would plot
Or who would lie quite stilly?
no believable gods
There are no unnameable names
Shall I say it again, yeah
There are no impossible dreams
There are no invisible seams
Each night when
or give me death
Death becomes evil like asmodious
I gotta a melodious flow
It becomes podious changeable
Unnameable angel

Angelic bustin' like a magnum,
To hide from some vast unnameable fear

But the loneliness never left me
I always took it with me
But I can put it down in the pleasure of your company
Interchangeable, caution: flammable
My chamber is ninety-nine plus one unnameable angles
And strangles, microphone cords start to dangle
myself now..

All For You!
All For You!
All For You!

Remote Recollection, of tranquility.
Terror grotesquely, becoming of me.
Unnameable joy, when

All for you
All for you
All for you

Remote, recollections of tranquility
Terror grotesquely becoming of me
Unnameable joy when our blood
Bear witness to the fall
Tyrants strive to take Machiavellian hold
An unnameable deity roars
Hell on earth, the affirmations goal
something unnameable
Just now
But I want it
As I hear things louder
Things sound like gun powder
As i grow older there's a ringing
You told me it'd be
Brain replaced by something
With only the side of my nose for company
These and those, and them ones
What'd you call it?
The un-nameable
It'll come
to secrete acidic pus
Aspiring my organs 

He's damnation, early transformation 
Unnameable are my forms of decay 
I run, spitting forth my thick
and despair.
Here lie bodies
Of unnameable kinds,
Tortured by soulless demons
And worse
Goodness reflects the light,
And evil, bears the seeds
Of all

All for you
All for you
All for you

Remote, recollections of tranquility
Terror grotesquely becoming of me
Unnameable joy when our blood
comes to the surface.
From the deepest darkness,
some unnameable place, of the tower inverted,
forms a different face; climbing upwards with effort,
The doors open wide
And streams of unknown
Flow into the sleep

The unnameable
Gave me the axe
To lop off the head
Sever the limbs
Disguise coldly
And throw

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