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to the hill
Will I lay my life down in Your shadow
 Clinging and crying,"Lord, please have Your will"

You loved me when I was unlovely
You loved me when I was

Ugly, Rosie
Lonely, Rose
Unlovely, Rosie
Slowly, Rose

At hide and seek I'm always it
I never win so I always quit
When picking teams for
to breathe the air,
What an unlovely way, to say you care,
Now we're to far gone, for me to save.

and i never thought that we'd come to this,

different why the other day
I saw death like an ocean that could wash us away
The only comfort that I got was this
I once was unlovely and now I'm kissed
could never love somebody like me
One so unlovely
But through my failures, I began to see
That Your unfailing love won't fail me

Your unfailing love
your daddy don't approve of me (nah)
Thinks my life's a little unlovely
Thinks I'll break your heart roughly (break)
All my tattoos leave him grumpy
Dark house by which once more I stand
Here in the long unlovely street
So quickly waiting for a hand
Doors where my heart used to beat

A hand that
On a day so clean, so blue and hard

You lined up the wheelchairs
You knelt in the aisles
You loved the unlovely
Jenny, Jenny Stiles

I visited your town
Fill with water when it rains and
I've never seen the lowlight lie unlovely on the plains
But we miss it when we move at such a brutal pace
I can burn
No cover, no more
I won't thank you
For the sun anymore
A Christ uncaring
Gold piled on high 
I was never down
Never in it

No answer
No hangman
The light hits my eyes
In the first of the morning
I take in this spectrum of wonder
How unlovely things can be balanced
Yet shadow me with
The Good Judge's mercy?
He loved the loveable and the unlovely, the decadent and the holy.
He made a way for the pope and he made a way for me...

Lover now that you've left me I'm glad you're unlovely
Because if you could take all the heat in your heart and just hang it from you
I wouldn't be
You'd smile at a stranger
You don't think to be careful
How sweet is your love
You'd reach for the most unlovely of creatures
Your love is so
Is ugly 
Too high to keep 
Reaching for the stuff 
Off the hinges
Out on the fringes 
Outisider out for revenge
And vengeance 
The war
unseen ways
Hear your voice in quiet place
I feel your peace steal my breath away
You're simply a mystery
So unlovely, still you love me


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