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Im a threat
나를 보고 모두 scared
모두 getting wet
짐승은 go to vet
Im a threat
나를 보고 모두 scared
모두 getting wet
짐승들은 go to vet
나머지는 fail
Uninfected I
And we got reports, sketchy at best, of people mutating, their bodies swelling and distorting. Its impossible at this time to know how many uninfected
Smiling uninfected
As I yell so hectic
You should live in Texas
You should get arrested
Hope you get congested
Hope you get evicted
You should get infested
bitches washed up, bet you heard of it
All that shit jus came unexpected yeah
Miss me with that hate n' leave a nigga uninfected yeah
Play no games, stay
mean there ain’t no changes
I would be unaffected
Imma stay alone and dangerous
But also uninfected
Quarantine lit
Only designer my bitch
Lock in
The way I lost
If you saw me falter
Lose balance, lose color
How could you stay
Untouched, uninfected
You live resurrected
The purest youth
As I
Never been
To see the uninfected
Through plastic sheets
I'm undetected
Shakin' hands with the soon-to-be dead
Code red
A lunatic with the virus
day the cyber crooks will fall
Can't get past our security
Every business and home
Uninfected and virus free!

No you don't
Hack into our PCs
No you
And anywhere the bad vibes dem deh go detect it
Fling dem outta the window and stay un-infected
Bad mind is active
Its so fascinating
The love i

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