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Can we step outside, this party's stifling
It's all gold dust and feathers
When all I want is a table with you,
Unhurried and together
That's what I
Just unhurried ghosts are there
Hanging in the wire

Walker's in the wire
Limbs point upwards
There are no birds singing
The white cliffs of Dover
in your lies, shallow replies
Tonight I'll just let go
Lost in you eyes, transparent cries

And innoncence derailed
Savage the poison
friends and so unhurried
With your secrets I believe
Kept in the longer sleeve
Oh girls

Highways seen from hotel windows
Pumping highway blood
If I say
Welcome to Chateau Mermaid   
Where your day’s unhurried
Nor shadowed by a cloud of worry  
Where the wine it flows all day                 


Its molars grind and shatter
Onerous, leaden bringers of hurt
Unhurried in its deadly intent
The undoer of all, dense and inert

Its design

Its molars grind and shatter
Onerous, leaden bringers of hurt
Unhurried in its deadly intent
The undoer of all, dense and inert

Its design
little darling now come to my arms
Tell me all about the love you left on the farm

He was a kind, unhurried man
With a heavy lip and a steady hand
Discard the damned treasure
And the black gloom will cover you
And do not save
Their sinners souls
Bring them to hell
Unhurried waves
And do not buy
and low,
The unhurried and hollow utterance
Of the lost drunkard, or the
Irreclaimable eater of opium
During his most intense excitement.
"A long-continued,
Standing in line at the grocery
Unhurried and lost in a memory
You were there You were there
But you didn’t know it
Silly me
I’ve mixed up my
to be you

I try and imagine what will be
So much emptiness to see
Can all this freedom really be for me
We'll see

Your life seems unhurried
You don't
and unhurried
Little understanding is cramped and busy
Great words are clear and limpid
Little words are shrill and quarrelsome
In sleep, men's spirits go
Convincing to no jury, and certainly unhurried
Jezebel has turned coat, in a blazing ice-cold flurry

Andreyko The Prophet, is a seminary faucet
My chest, feel my heart through my breast
Claws in my flesh, twitch my fingers unhurried
No more no less
She looked me in the eyes
Said: you're
say to you now
I'm in for the long run, forever and how
To run down the road with a wintery face
With you at my side, in unhurried pace
Come with me
mélange, n'est-ce pas?

Is it not so?  Happy and unhurried we'll follow
The modest path where Hope directs us with a smile
Little caring if we are neither
Baseball field lights that shine
Over the shedding pine
Each bulb's a blinding sphere
In the secular nation
Unhurried sirens moan
Pitches that glaze my
comes out of nowhere
Rolling smoothly
Unhurried and steady
I am ready
Breaking the delicate and weak
Like me
It is getting bigger
There is deafening roar

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