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And I'm not that typical girl
I know she will be bad for you

Listen, once she breaks your heart 
She would keep you unfriended
If it´s
They say it gets cold
When you play with a heart
It gets cold when you play with a heart
Friendships outlined in chalk
Family members unfriended

I ain't take a loss I learned a lesson 
When I ain't have it no hands were lended 
When they need it and you don't have it You unfriended
She ain't got the message I really don't get it, fuck
I don't want her I regret it
I don't want her she Unfriended
Fucked a new bitch in a Lexus
cracking my noggin
Too many bodies in the lockers
Too many cops tryna stop us
Wanna give up wanna end
Gotta kick rock gotta bend it
Yesterday got unfriended
I had a talk with Jesus
I said, "Man, you're just part of the machine"
He unfriended me on Facebook
I said, "oh, no you don't"
I'm the devil
Do Unto Others

We all have questions
Many concerns 
Simple frustrations 
Respect is what we yearn

We are offended
Easily on cue
Often unfriended
just text any spam accounts
You can't fool me now
Dont try
Unfriended you and your still tryiny to hit my line

I asked you questions to see if your real
so she got unfriended
I don't understand it
I'm too tormented
She a Angel from hell cuz she too demented
She a Angel from hell cuz she too demented
hides in disguise
I could never cry
For some boy who
Tells me lies
Who spits in my face and always hides in disguise

Leaving me unfriended
Enough you're
mind it too
If you love someone else
Well, that is fine
Stayed home
So alone
Acted like we've never met
Wished me luck to stand
the tendency remains

You're schemin' like a drug, leaving everyone behind
Just to find yourself unfriended by us, no surprise
It's the end of me
Branded streaming and electrified I was followed and unfollowed 
I was friended and unfriended  

 I've been called crazy I'm hated I'm loved and elated 
to talk to unfriended
I say fuck everything because it's canon
Loneliness helps I don't care what it felts
Everything I done has been thrown in a melt
how I meant it
I lose my money and I get unfriended
People are fine but they lie it's pretending
It's the beginning but my final ending

I'm feelin just
how I meant it
I lose my money and I get unfriended
People are fine but they lie it's pretending
It's the beginning but my final ending

I'm feelin just
a minute
I don't give a fuck who I offended
Or all the fake ass friends I unfriended
Fuckin wit the style that I invented
And I got the windows tinted
a conversation without starting a fight
No matter what you say somebody gonna get offended
I disagree with you, I guess I’ll probably be unfriended
I knew I’d get
My love over you
I wonder if you care
I unfriended you girl
No matter when or where
You’re at rest in my world
But only now and then
You block all
good you wanna confide in it
It go down in the dm and I might slide in it
Better tell ya new nigga that he getting unfriended uh
I been on my shit you
Miedo, siempre ganó el dolor.
Después de ver Unfriended dejé de usar Skype
Me aterran los payasos debido a Pennywise
Huí de Midsommar gracias a mis Nike
was stoned
I was left alone
Yea I needed loans
But I was unfriended, it had left offended
I guess cuz I wasn’t trending
My messages they wasn’t sending
Eminem cut off the snakes unfriended them 
French toast jays funnel is cinnamon 
Hop in the whip and spin a ben
She text my phone want me hit again 
being all alone in my bedroom
No one to talk to at 3 am
Now I only see you when I scroll on the gram, yeah
Damn, how can I stand it?
Now I’m unfriended

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