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I don't belong"
"All the world can not be wrong
It must be me I don't belong"

The unfree child is full of woe
Into the unfree adult he will grow
we make, the moves we make
Time for the unfree
Time to rejuvenate the elderly
Time for the unfree
Time to lend a hand
Time to lend a hand
Time to make
Now this cell is my residence, my address is The Row.
24 hour lock down, when they'll kill me who knows?

Guilty, we the unfree!
Dead men walking
might do
And the more unfree and troubled you grew
I could feel the whole world splitting in two
Trying to make the room
For the two of you

So like
What once was cold is now uncold
What once was me is now not me
When my mind's gone
When both my minds gone
When all of my mind's gone
When my
to the land, of unfree man,
To move about and catch trout, by the dozens?
Even had my cousin locked down, at the feet shackled;
A one-way seat,
brought me to the land, of unfree man
To move about and catch trout, by the dozens
Even had my cousin locked down, at the feet shackled
A one-way seat,
With a head all business and a heart unfree
Me, I still miss you, you don’t even care and that’s what’s scarin’ me

It doesn’t matter anyway
You have
Compass...dead, as sea and sky met
We reached the end at the cliffs of regret

HMS Clearsight, ghost of the sea
Drifting the oceans forever unfree
kind controlled by hatred, 
Distorted truth and lies
United is the only way to stand
Leaders of the free world lead into the land of the un-free

All this stalling, keeps me going
Just recalling, you and me
And there's something, so affecting
In the reflections, on my screen

This is
to be the ones to obtain salvation
Their form of doctrine denies Christ's foundation
Haven of blasphemy
Hollow philosophies
Captives remain unfree
When death picks me I wave to the unfree.

Tear the persistent maze, end the pointless days.
through with hate Smiled and lit our broken souls These things that make you great And old were we And born unfree And ripped at all the seams And fraught
Twinkle bright Aldebaran, the star of solitude
Somewhere there is a lake of fire, pity all the fools
Sorry are the desolate, the unfree

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