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And I melted at what I heard
There were echoes from the other side
In each and every word

Said love is undying
True love never dies
We'll meet up
Life Goes On...
ねぇ 神様お願い
どうかこの道に迷い 彷徨う
抱きしめ... 暖めて... その愛で...
No having just one meaning!
Nothing left to say.
No way.

Surface the anger,
Through immortality.
Should you be, undying?
You never were,
St. Mother Maria, watch over us please
As we wander around in this dangerous world
Thank Mother Maria, there's nothing so sweet
As the undying
How many lovers
In lifetimes gone
Like clothing that we wear
Long after it's worn out with love
Undying love, undying love 

Life had no
and you're complete but you're half alive
Waiting for your dream to arrive
You're whole and you're complete but you're half alive
V: Undying Love
It's alright

Innocence and undying love will reign
Innocence and undying love will reign

Hearing the call with your back to the wall in a wordless
undying - in the rain
Walk undying - over again
All your sorrow is what I will take: undying

Monday was the day when she left with a smile
Abandoned word of god
Punishment for broken faith
Saturated floods of fire
Wave by wave I drown in flames

Condemned to walk this cursed
to the beauty of you
There's no-one like you
So I take this time to make a pledge
Of a love that will always be true

Promise me your undying love
And it's sho' 'nuff love, hey baby
Sweet-er and undying love
Undenying love
And it's sho' 'nuff love, hey baby

Picked me up when they tore me down
and grace
We carried the eternal flame
With an undying hope and a blazing conviction
Of a truth that would never fade
We were glowing in the dark
You're the world to me, until eternity
It will always be, undying love
As long as stars will shine, I will call you mine
Till the end of time,
These are the last words I'm ever gonna hear you say
So goodbye, babe
Goodbye, babe.

I hear sweethearts whisper their undying love
Above the noise
the stars, I can give you the oceans
I can give the sun and the moon with a view
I can give you the world with undying devotion
But if I lose your heart, then
For an undying truth in all of us

Cut down deep below the dermis
Unwound from the tangle of indoctrination
Break down the message
The one and great undying love 
I lose my head again 
As her love shines on 
How I wish that she could belong 
In my arms 
Here she comes
contain us
It's who we are
We are undying
We are forever

We won't hide our faces from the light
Eliminate the space between us
It's who we are
The painted picture of a wounded mind
I can never escape this
You helped me create this hate

My undying addiction
How were you the last to know?
You brought
us by our name

Tearing through these days I find the tolerance to strive and push on
I know what lies beyond this life for me is already
Haven't your lips longed for my touch

Don't say how much, show me, show me
Don't talk of love lasting through time
Make me no undying vow
Show me show
waited for

Hey Gloria

This is why we're on the edge
The fight of our lives been drawn to
This undying love

Gloria, viva la Gloria
You blast your name
Love unending love undying love that never grows cold
Love that never leaves you crying love that never grows old
That's what I'd give to you if you
remember when you was mine, yeah
We were inseparable at one time, yeah
You know my love for you was undying, yeah
You used to always have my back


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