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a uh)
Bitch it's Louis on my belt, she undid the buckle (she undid the what)

Look at my shoes, this half a K
I bust up, lick my fingers and they
There's a storm coming and there's nothing you can do
I said you did it, you undid the locks
When you released the demons hiding in Pandora's Box

I'm just a disciple
Lights switch in the dirty car again
Undid your Bacardi cardigan
We're stuck in the wordy part again
Speak now, then we
Part of me that I hid
But you brought back what I undid
If i'm bein' honest here
You look like my biggest fear
The fear that I see in
I was in my place
I was in the place I don't know if you too like that
Undid my soul for you
I gave my soul for you
I just wanna talk about it eye
I'm makin' chicken
Nothin like hooters
That bitch topped me off cause I'm makin' mula
She saw my belt and undid the medusa
She know that Im icy my
and everything I never did
It's everything I ever said and everything I ever did
It's everything I left unsaid said and everything I left undid
It's everything I
Come run into the healers arms
Lay down your secrets
And he will mend your deepest scars
Don't believe what's been done
Undid who you were made to be
Perkies on my tongue, let's make 'em melt
Kush up in my lungs, I'm on the moon
Using just my mouth undid your belt
They be throwing shade but I'm
I should have seen it coming 
One kiss led to another 
But I'm, still young and too wild to try to make it stop now 
So what? Undid another button
You would not give up
You said it's not the end
Oh You did not hold back
You are our champion
The day that undid death
The day that rescue won
'cause now everything's wrong

You put your hands under my shirt
Undid my bra and said these words
"Darling, you're so pretty, it hurts"
You pushed me
To tremendous applause she took off her drawers
And with a lick of her lips she undid all the clips
Threw it all in the air, and everyone stared
applause she took off her drawers,
And with a lick of her lips she undid all the clips,
Threw it all in the air, and everyone stared,
And as the last
Well it's a good thing I kissed you when I did 
I like the sexy way your fingers slid
And anything done became undid 
Wait a minute honey I think
say I'm back at it
One life, so son live it
I'm committed, never did it and wish that I undid it
Young kiddies listen, the one talkin' ain't really
when I get too stoned

Didn't know didn't know
She was like that
Drowning deep in the water I'm her life jack
Baby I'm your life raft
Undid my pants
You rose me up from the dead
You undid the rope around my neck
You rose me up from the dead 
With a kiss
A single peck

You rose me up from the dead
a sense of calm
She stole me, she hid me
Kept me for herself 
She stole me, she undid me
Saved me from the shelf 

She stole my arms
Damn her girlish charms
a stain on your shirt
American bitch boy
Think complaining will work

It didn't click 'til I cried
Undid the trick with a lie
Forever twitching alive
I need
never heal
I'll never get to feel...
How I felt before you did...
Remember this can never be un-did...
I'll never heal
I'll never get to feel...
Out of sight out of mind, and that was working
Til you walked in my sight, you made it blurry
And it set me back, very far back
Undid my progress, damn
Last night... Last night I dreamed about Rose
And yes, she was taking off her clothes
Undid her sweater
Undid her jeans
I asked me if I was going
I can't stop hurting
I wish that things could be undid
One thing's for certain
I know I'll never do it again
I can't stop hurting
I wish that things

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