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To a whispered voice
Overheard by the sould
Undertook by the heart
And you may know it
If you may know it

While the sand
Would become the stone
a feeling
You undertook.

Now the rose
It slows
You in such colorless clothes
Fantastic! You lose your sense of human.
Shattered pieces on the stitches of our underfoot
You're impatient from the prophecies we undertook
Our plan to sacrifice this drive
You say

Prove it
Just the facts, the confidential
This case, this case, this case that I
I've been workin' on so long, so long

Now the rose
How it slows
When I undertook what I had in mind
When everything mattered

When I saw the gods up in the sky
I saw the lights on the flickering wall
I saw
and sent them an enchanting shade over the ocean  nearly devine! Totally carried away by the late atmosphere, they locked the car and undertook a walk

Show thyself to be a Mother: 
Through thee may he receive prayer 
Who, being born for us, 
Undertook to be thine own.

Bestow a pure life,
You shouldn't have 
Told me that 
Your love's too much 
To carry 

I know it's one sided 
It's understood 
But what if it's all lies 
I undertook
Alabaster rises.
Makes the land so divided.
Conquers life with his dark rule.

In the woods shall be undertook, the heathen ceremony.
Burn the seed
Un-televised, car chases through your neighbourhood
Civilised places that’s where these crimes be undertook
Fuck these fake faces, their bars are
2 brain cells when them boy write
Melancholy Hollywood
When they ain't light up the sign
Knew you never understood
The schedules I undertook
To make
don’t know what the scene is
Shooting 16 millimeter footage
We kept on going til' we really couldn’t
Bold visions
Undertook ‘em
I knew the risks I really
now I could use a beer
Do you love me, or do you love the way I look
I think you've really misunderstood
The pain that I have undertook
To reach
music a year now
I'm improving
Give da slums versatile sounds
Yeah I'm different
Undertook my work now they hating like some bitches
Told my bloods I'm
a getaway
Check mate, stale mate, stale bread, rat bait
Dangle on a hook, mad to gamble on a book
And the angle undertook, overtake, shake, shook
to my world
It's a place to escape
Countin' sheep, countin' sheep
Yeah, it's all in my dreams
(All in my dreams)

I had this dream that I ever undertook
Life is a test, in which we undertook 
And I guess I was meant to be misunderstood 
People judge a book on how the cover looks 
Yet read between
Now I know you may think you know everything about life 
The good, the bad, and the ugly strife 
What is often overlooked, and highly undertook 
Now I know you may think you know everything about life
The good, the bad, and the ugly strife
What is often overlooked, and highly undertook
This is

It makes a change to be a witness to your differences
The metamorphosis undertook, emerging from the chrysalis
There's little point in hoping for
of hard work
Or stay living poor because he never undertook
Any challenges, didn't put in the effort
In that continuous cycle of feeling fooled and rejected
the gate
Close the curtains
Swr these feds
Got me nervous
I can't trust
Not a person
All this risk i undertook
Is it worth it ?
Got me questioning my life
Wrote a verse and I was hooked
Take the pawn I'll take your rook
This music shit the easiest challenge I done ever undertook
I make the beats I write
Or maybe pawns have trouble understanding movement of rook
Or the deeper strategy that king and queen undertook
Would you brook a farmer telling lord

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