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Unsecure we must go

Searching and wasting
While contemplating
Now I've forsaken
The undertaking

Caught up behind
Trailing, it's hard to find
Fabricated hallucination

These are smeared fingerprints of the gods, the undertaking and domination
Of nations

The ever evolving military industrial
Looming, omnipresent
This task ahead, this task at hand
Ominous and daunting
Crippling undertaking, I'm frozen

Where to begin eludes me
Uncreating, unabating, underhanded, undertaking...

Underhanded, undertaking...

Insensate, inanimate, I mutilate, 'til I ejaculate
our joints
We splinter and break
We suffer again
We become a path others use to take
A distant undertaking to suffer the same
I'll stand right
have I become
Mind is racing medicate my mind
Undertaking it's time to stand and fight 

Time is ticking endless days have come
No time
TVLand and HBO
The History Channel, and QVC, and Lifetime
Your gonna

My butt is aking, as I watch Nascar racing
That show about undertaking, Larry
Forever I'll enjoy you undertaking
Come to see you every day now if I can
Is it not the time for everybody?
I still wake on the fields of regret
one stop him

It never stops and no one's talking
All rights reversed
Undertaking copy left for flying sideways

Well, down on earth
The primal chaos is
Don't believe your cane stories, I should leave ya'll undertaking
A stack on my belt, 250 my ride
Went from renting these mother-fuckers to owning 4
of ritual undertakings 
Sleep, eat, and gentle exercise
Old dog of experience,
Ripping through the black and yellow cabs,
Dodging rickshaws
Numbing rumble, countless medicine, 
Depleted from years of abuse 
Death rattle shaking 
And there's no faking, undertaking 

Pressure point,
used to get it they dug it because they felt
My undertaking took me I was making in my stealth
A wealth of rhymes of crazy I would chuckle to myself
the undertaking of
Simple thought

[Repeat: x2]
What you want
You don't know
You're with stupid now
What you know
You don't want to know
You're with stupid
A mighty voice
From out the clouds
To me announced
Today's undertaking

He said go build a song
40 heartbeats long
And sacrifice it
For your
most to me,
It was a major undertaking,
Just to keep their hearts from breaking,
Every time I tried to sing in minor key.

So I can tell you why I
waking all the leaves in need of raking
All the business undertaking all my bones and muscles aching
Thoughts and mind are surely flaking over luncheons
get to thinking
I've been wronged by my own kind
Downed by my own undertakings
Now I'm down by the water, black water
And I'm looking in
She said I
star falling where you are
You knew the cause
You knew the undertaking
You fought the law 
There's always something else we need
But our love is
breaking chicken 

Prepare for the undertaking, your whole body faking 

I always try my hardest to keep communicating 

But you ain't relating 


I'd sworn it was you
Who was destined and gone
To the pressure of past undertakings 

Had I had known that it might have been me
I might
Expecting to serve emergent conditional based versions 
Already murdered - shit, I had to purchase a hearse for this 
Undertaking great amounts
each day
You shall find the way

I know it's hard from starting
Your journey's undertaking
Unsure what you're doing
Confused where you're going

I'm taking whats mine 
It might be heartbreaking but a bunch of shit is already undertaking as I speak 
Oh shit 
I'll wreak havoc on your world leave

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