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No ammunition
I don't want to love you paralyzed
I don't want to love you paralyzed

Some misty morning
When she does the same to you
craft hammer magic war design
Clock fast ticky tocky undermined
Work fast damage addict clockwork shrine

Vice, jagged, crush, vein

Fixed stare,
Usually that someone turns out to be me

Can feel you in my skin
Feel you deep within
You ain't going nowhere
I ain't being myself
undermined it
How can I lose your love?

I'm giving up
Taking flak
Reaching out
And getting nothing back
It's sad to see it
Buckle under the tension
I thought
Everything I know
Words I etched in stone
Will fade in time
Foundations now undermined
It all erodes
Even with a gentle flow
No support this

'Cause I am, I am, I am 
Feeling underooted feeling undermined 
Can this grace of God cover me this time? 

When I feel the pain I know why
Sorry, but I know your type
I won't be undermined

I can take this down to the wire
Soon see if I fight fire with fire
Dig that grave
Danger walking blind
But those hands on the clock
Give no room, no thought
No words
No mind
No age
Sequence erased
No time!

the doggie don't don't pine
Then you keep them undermined
Keep them undermined
Doko won the magic prize
Doko watched the orphan's pride
leaving, we're staying
You don't know what you've created, undermined, and overrated
Robert Machin, was it all you were hoping for?

Blip blop blip
feeling undermined
I'm done now

When you hear this song
I'll never see you again
Now you be gone
You were never my friend
I knew your harm
I'll never see
of..corruption..undermined democracy "
"Strategic importants "

"Its horrible"
"Way down"

"Weakened government.. symptom
It's a choice between God and man 
Undermined by the heretics hand 
Humanity's last ditch try to build a bridge to heaven with earthly lives 
can do to keep me here
All violations and degradations
All confrontations are decimating

I feel so sick inside, I feel so undermined
You hold me
nothing...Because I'm free. 


Unexcused, unabsolved, I am alone but unafraid. 

Undermined, undercut, You can't undo what I have made 

Pavement Undermined

Cracking the asphalt
For to revive the void
Pavement undermined
T'auras vacation on the beautiful shores
And bikinis to do everything crack
T'auras visions of t'auras bagnoles
Some types of te f'ront undermined
and round 

We see so many tribes -- overrun and undermined
While their invaders dream of lands they've left behind
Better people -- better food --
Memories stir
It's not the way it has to be

I'm afraid of what I do not know
I hate being undermined
I'm afraid I can be devil man
And I'm
gets enough
Underlined in marketing campaigns
I feel undermined
Heard the "n" word promotes the bottom line
Down by the river there's a great divide
Undecided, undefined
Undisturbed yet undermined
Relocated not retired
Reprimanded and rewired

Mystified and misshapen
Misinformed but not
They're all aligned, they're intertwined
You're undermined, there's someone behind
They recognize, so hard to find
As good as blind, I'm out of time

go where we're together   
See me terrorised
You know I'm undermined
I wanna rise, now or never 
Be uncivilised
Don't antagonise
Just turn around, be
Let's redefine "employment"

We know that we've got leverage, so we'll hand the fat man a beverage
And sit back while we attack the utter lack

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