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Baby Blue.

The highway is for gamblers, you better use your sense.
Take what you have gathered from coincidence.
The empty handed painter from your
Cigars in the summertime under the sky by the light 
I can feel you read my mind 
I can see it in your eyes under the moon as it plays 
Like music
Under the glow of the midnight moon
Where the stars touch the sky
Stand the long-forgotten names of a time gone by

Heaven's Cove was a wondrous
I was standing by my window on one cold and cloudy day.
Was I saw that herst come rolling for to take my mother away.

undertaker under taker
icicles don't take hundred years to die

And everyone who ever worked on this Cathedral
Or even spent a moment walking by
Everyone of us is swept away
commence your takeoff, winds over ten knots
Easy on the brakes, take it easy, its gonna roll this time
Just hand the power gradually,
Those thieving birds
Hang strung from an empty nest
This swan plagued pond
Foresaken and under whelmed

Those leaving words
Hang strong from
with gold
Only to find a yellow brick road
We know the way that story goes

Here under the rainbow
People pass us by
We laugh at the way they laugh
Marlena under Foster Grants
She's undercover from the dawns advance
That girl is travel-drained
And the neon mercury vapor stained
Miami sky
Immortality to spell
Light up the sky
Make it through the darkness

Can you believe this my friend
I was empty and broken inside
She came to save me from
, only sky, let the world be without us tonight..
No walls, no houses
In my empty hometown,
Not a single gateway, but you know

Darling, under my wing
Born under a south Kentucky sky
He’d come west to Mexico to fight 1842 at Mier 
The gutters filled with blood and fear
Barely made it back
and suffering
I wish I could cut short
Empty promises that you have made these past few years
Under the black sky all the dreams just don't seem alright
Take this
Young unicorns snatched from the impossible skies precious horns, ordinary chainsaws.
I am left with horses revolting in the normalcy shipwrecked by
empty sky of blue
Hoping that I would someday find
That someone just like you

Out of the blue
Someone who's love would take me
Out of the blue
glasses empty now
It's time to rise and shine
There's one less cause in the world
To be leaving for

It was back in 39
When I was one year old
Sitting by
you take the 3.10 to Yuma
You can see the ghosts of outlaws go ridin' by (Ridin' by)
In the sky (In the sky), way up high
The buzzards keep circlin'
you're around
Just come on by
Just come on by
Take a chance on me

'Cause you know and
I know we're on our way

To something new under the sun
could be healed (John 3:14)

Take me underneath the water
Take me on under there
Take me underneath the water
I will die to me by being baptized
Won't you take this spatula in your hand? 

Let the rice burn 
It cannot deter my love for you 
We have no concern 
Under the hem of the night 
I see it all through different eyes
This emotion can't be wrong
Past the mountains under empty skies
The road goes on
Now I see it all through
you take the 3.10 to Yuma
You can see the ghosts of outlaws go ridin' by (Ridin' by)
In the sky (In the sky), way up high
The buzzards keep circlin'
Oh, you walk so slowly
Under the pull of this high tide
Thinking about the old days
Thinking about these lines

February down by the shore
to show it to you

When the night comes
I'm going to stand there
In the moonlight with you
We're going to sleep
Under the dark sky too
Stars a rising
The sky too is foldin' under you
And it's all over now, baby blue

All your seasick sailors, they are goin' home
Your empty-handed armies, they are goin'

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