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Ice box in ur room?
Idk ur rules
TIKOONZ on ma neck, undamaged state
It's real u fool
Ice watch in her room
I steal while she is sleeping
On survival or expiration. Arrive at your destination
And make your determination or live your life with regret
Yet undamaged or broken apart (Broken apart)
Look what you stole
I'm not caring no more
Undamaged goods
You tried to play me but I'm not no fool
Made me look crazy but that's just not true
the true false world 
Undamaged destiny 
Can't get caught in the endless circle 
Ring of stupidity 

Out for my own, out to be free 
One with my mind,
the waves
Put your head into my hands, trying to be brave
The carnival has packed up, the storm has left us peace
Poppies sleep undamaged, we drive into
the way she does
Clean lungs, undamaged liver
Sees thugs through a pink-tinted glasses
Weed does make her giggle
Listen to some music
to face the camera

Rolled your eyes back in their sockets 
Then you raised your middle fingers
Defiant and undamaged
That's when I took the picture
the true false world
Undamaged destiny
Can't get caught in the endless circle
Ring of stupidity

Out for my own, out to be free
One with my mind, they
Spruce roots gone undamaged
Presents all abandoned
Stockings in a box in the attic
But I don't mind the snow motion and static
'Cuz it doesn't take
Unbothered by sounds of beats
Hate speech brings me to the top
And I'm back!
This time on the same track
Hello it's me again the soundalike
Pen in
Unveiled the truth Unleashed the poison
Unbox the gift of an undamaged mind
Unread messages Unhanded signs
Unaided conscience left them unaware
I gave you my heart
You took it for granted
You could call me lame 
But still I'm undamaged 
I hear you a lot
Avoiding I manage 
It's like I'm insane
me some scars and I'll
Be real careful round
The undamaged portion of
Your still beating heart strings

And if you don't mind
I'll be hanging out
never gon stop
yes yes'all never gon stop
Loxx punkman never gon stop
날 의심하는 놈
단언코 i sicker than your average
꼬인 심보는 마치 kenny g
I'm undamaged
내 스타일이 더럽다고
vanished this so challenging 
I don't know if I can act undamaged
Don't misunderstand it I still regret 
All that I have done it's like I'm at a Disadvantage
from nowhere
Impeccable manners list, precise and undamaged gift, with explicitly obscure stare
The one I couldn't sustain

Ooh, I see
You chose this
like a deaf memory
Searching for undamaged shelter as if you could ever live
I realized that this was time for my wandering mind
To find its own way
Actions cannot be undone
An old song cannot be unsung
For the blood on your hand
As undamaged and pure
Drips to the soil, sinks in the dirt
could ever break your skull
Damage is undamaged
could ever break your skull
Damage is undamaged
made of glistening gold
'Cos my globe is cracked and leakin', and out falls the snow
So gimme somethin' undamaged onto which I can hold
Diamond days
Hang down your head Maria and let your long hair down
There’s nothing left undamaged on the streets of your hometown
The blood red sun has scorched
Scented candles
Coconut and bottles
Mm you got it (what?)
Never left me undecided

Did not come undamaged
I can be your caddie
I got you and your
to a colleague that the church along with the rest of the city seemed to be entirely undamaged when swish, bang, a shell from a German field gun, a 105, exploded

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