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I've been feeling so unaligned
So unaligned
Cosmic nation

So alone

Trying trying
Uncoordinated coordination
He's uncoordinated so we shut him out
In case he shows a little bit of emotion
A little bit of real emotion
We're afraid to see a bit of emotion
Yeah, he's so uncoordinated
Whoa, and so disorientated,
And when we have a High School Hop
You ought to see that idiot bop
And his arms and his legs
yodel-lay-he yodel-lay-he

Well my dog ate my loveseat
My cars a lemon
I've got two left feet and no thumbs
I'm unambidextrous I'm uncoordinated
I'd count my
I'm not a fool
I try to lob it to em
They uncoordinated 
Drop the ball
But every obstacle 
I'm hopping over 
Like a kangaroo 

I took a lonely
pain in a back wood i ever get move forward
Got to escape place me under it's a hot long war

You can't supply Uncoordinated  
You got the thrill always
"Therapy is all I need to set me free"

I been out so long how did I go in like this
Uncoordinated like drunken fist
I Use my wit to go up against
got a win
All of my homies been finding they purpose
All I wanna do is get closer to mine
I never skated I'm uncoordinated
But Tony Hawk couldn't come
on the ants
Car wash
Wipe the blood away
Terrified of the dark or midday shadows
Ridiculously teenage and desperate
So childish 
Slower and uncoordinated 
(You wouldn't understand, you wouldn't understand) 
My uncoordinated steps began effecting your dance 
(You wouldn't understand, you wouldn't
When they first pop out they're wobbly

Then after a little while spent with them
A little watering
Yeah you can put some
em get to U
Very viscous with this
There is nothing they can do
Uncoordinated dude
Niggas be on funny moves
Never been petty I always valued
One To ever even sTep fooT on This pavemenT
HiTTing all my dances even if I’m uncoordinaTed
Like I’m lil K, Time To speed iT up like I’ve been racing
I live an uncoordinated life
I hope my moms okay with it
Live depressed sometimes
I just stay in it
Stay inside I should get out
Can't see the light
I feel so alone in this crown
With all these people I feel more alone somehow
Invisible, uncoordinated
Making matters worse I feel pretty damned
I feel so alone in this crown
With all these people I feel more alone somehow
Invisible, uncoordinated
Making matters worse I feel pretty damned
enough to show up
I-- what's the hold up-
-side down, ketchup bottle speed
Uncoordinated, running with pigeon toes and knobby knees
God damn it, folks
Let's put it all together to get Beamer, Bentley, Porsche
I mean, the boy is uncoordinated! Never good at sports
But when he put these words together he

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