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Nothings gonna change that
Some things you can't explain
Like why we're all embracing conventional wisdom in a world that's just so unconventional

don't wanna lose you, but I can't give him up

I know it's unconventional, radical but practical
Why can't the three of us live together?
Grade A smart clever why oh
She's no Heather why oh
So I see a life together why

Hannah! She lives! She breathes!
She's beautifully unconventional
the way it goes 

No perversion 
In this unconventional love 
No way I'd rather see 
No diversion 
In this unintentional love 
No way I'd rather be
turns to sex
You always say something no one expects

And that's exactly why I love you
That's why I can't get enough of you
You're unconventional
the way it goes 

No perversion 
In this unconventional love 
No way I'd rather see 
No diversion 
In this unintentional love 
No way I'd rather be
to the start where it all began and
I should have told you from the get go
I should have looked for something unconventional.

Twice upon a time,
We made
Me, and my helmet such an un-conventional kid 
All intense and kinetic, at best tolerated from afar 
Not yet arrested, and by that I mean betrothed
Come to me unconventional beauty
Come to me unconditional friend
Come into the spotlight of mine
Come into the spotlight
So you can share with me
been a little more exceptional
And I wish I'd been a little unconventional
But I was not enough
No I'm not enough
No I'm not enough
I was never
the trash 
And fill the gas
In this house
I am the mom, and the dad
What tomorrow brings
I do not know
Yes, I know it's unconventional
But, it's
never fall 
I guess miracles happen after all 
What did I do to deserve you 
Oh Yeah 

Unconventional, describes my love for you 
I guess miracles happen after all
And what did I ever do to deserve you?

Unconventional describes my love for you
Unconditional 'cause there's
seen hellbender turbulence
Now who's wheelin' and dealin' may this day be the day of reckoning
Unconventional meanings give the devil his due for dirty
Unconventional child
You ran too wild
Now its written in the sky
You'll emerge as the butterfly
As the butterfly
So you wanna be adored and explored
can all see
There's lots of talk hypocrites unconventional Politics
And we can all see
These nuns sure ain't from God
'Cause they're living in hell's
paranoia, Cynthia 
I would like to try a somewhat unconventional procedure with you, if that is acceptable 
I believe it will alleviate these visions you
composition, it's complicated
My competition, number two, but it's constipated
This unconditional, unconventional condemnation
It's to convince you to find
Condos, condoms and bad bitches to be with
Run with a winner, baby
Be unconventional, freak me off friends maybe
You can be my girl, be my fair
brain of unconventional nature.

Take my tongue, it's cocked and loaded
The board has dubbed you a special student
Sit alone sweat in a silence
They say women cry when walls retire,
They say dead men die when walls retire, 
When walls retire

Unconventional deconstructive conversations
The tempo and you know so I will fo somewhat unconventional
But comprehendible
I'm the presentable good lookin

The Mello Yellow young fellow and I'm
show me love
Its so unusual but its surely the will of the world
We are mightier than this, its just, my first kiss

I'm buttoned up with unconventional
are old
They were strong and they were bold, mind adventures

Many seasons have I seen, unconventional indeed
In places they have never seen spring

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