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You're uncomparable
You're irreplaceable
You're uncomparable
You're irreplaceable
You're uncomparable
You're irreplaceable
You're uncomparable
You're uncomparable
You're irreplaceable
You're uncomparaaa
You're irreplaceable
You're uncomparable
You're irreplaceable
You're uncomparaaa
bitch my breed is simply
Somethin uncomparable that's why they all resent me

Yeah it's 007 like I'm James Bond pussy stay calm
I just hittem with that
is uncomparable
I know all that loving need somewhere to go
Baby can you make yourself available
Maybe we can mix this up with the champagne
We can get
You’re uncomparable
You’re irreplaceable
You’re uncomparable
You’re irreplaceable

Por mucho que avanzo me destruyo en el camino

Somos almas rotas
still uncomparable, I'm like the face of America
I'm the ambassador from a land made of gold
I'm a fuckin' centerfold, I'm somethin' to behold
I can
me crazy

Palms get sweaty, I'm imagining things
When I see what reality brings
I get choked from your vision uncomparable
So dime, a man, I could
night, darkness falls down upon us
We rise from the fog uncomparable to any other form of life
Together we ride by night, unidentified, unseen, unknown
A player, bitch I'm gonna tell ya
Uncomparable material, international bacteria, now check it

High tech on my vape,  don't make me break your neck
knowledge beyond what mere words can say
That is of equal value to life itself
That is uncomparable to any amount of wealth
Desire this higher level
These lames terrible 
Jackpot is uncomparable 
Everything on me brand new  
Haters I can't blame you 
Ya main thang 
She ran through 
In and out like
the sky shaped to pitch black
Just so he could return to the home of unfailing and uncomparable love from the woman of his dreams
Now these dreams had
back on the comeback
This year is my year
Just from the start up
It's nothing new to me
Break open the story
Bitch I got trophies
I'm uncomparable
my chemistry
Uncomparable, this shit hysterical y'all lacking decimals
I'm talking sense pick up the hint and get ya shit.

I hit the nail on top
I demand attention as my rhymes are uncomparable

I'm a menace, I invented jokes that go over your whole head
Old man. Every word you said with good
on a nigga that once took care of you
Baby I'm uncomparable promise my heart repairable
You push me to the cliff my baby that ain't what Claire a do
Mout bhi kaanpkar
Syllable mere miracle Lage terible
Flat teri kala meri Pinnacle uncomparable
Liberal me tu Narrow minded Yahe difference
Level up mera
of yaself show off ya patience
To get a better shine you gotta floss the basics
Taking awkward paces will place him across the stages
Uncomparable against all
can count me out on principle
And possible future plans 

We're already in heaven 

This view is un-comparable 
I can know myself 
And hold things too
Your beauty uncomparable I loose it when you whine it
Intoxicating how you shake it 
girl you make me loose my mind
Wanna live my life with you
the greatest of these rappers
My exquisiteness is uncomparable
My presentation like a Christmas gift
Blessed be the name of thy son
Boy you are witnessing
and made myself vulnerable
I still look at you as uncomparable but yet we're only separable
How is it that two sides can feel the same
Never communicate,
can't represent
Look at you then look at me
She gone use some common sense
Man it's uncomparable my catalog is too immense
You the type to crack under
of a classic vision set in position
Effective incision inevitable
Or head on collision
You listen to systems uncomparable to common conditions

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