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The veil of her eyes are snakes uncoiled
Her lashes are snakes 

Snake Way

The Morrígan! 

And the anchorman informs, these are the wages of sin
Yeah, it's glory bombing
The snake's uncoiled itself, now it's spitting venom
Its violent
you than inside
The deep down truth, the deep down truth

Your heart
Your mind
Ego undressed
All time compressed
Into that shadow
And the border is a simple line of hills
Ah, didja come uncoiled
Between heavens and the Earth
Whispered nonsense into your radio
Now afternoons you seldom
Signed by the drunken 
Hands of thieves 

And suddenly 
They were told to leave 

As the snake uncoiled on a road 
The length was eighty
consciences are tumbling
A massive gaping serpent uncoiled and wake
In the face of something's hell
Sins of yours an angel fell 
A monster hiding in plain
She lit the flame as I inhaled, the dragon just uncoiled

Suga boom boom 
I'm chasing dragon, this dragon's got my hand
Suga boom boom 
I touched the ground where water met soil
Where a small green sprout had just uncoiled
And I knew there was so much more to see
So I stepped into
and grief succumb
Fiercest king's stare
Winter grey we've gone
Late the hour
Lake of fire
Listless nightmares roll
Screech abyssic
Always on
dey slack
Who go fi  stand here ebi none
Wose mey3 freestyler fr3m Harry Mack

Damn flows on point
I dey straight this boys dem all be uncoiled
My flow
The colors we dreamt were never gonna blend
The way
The polish came between our closing hands
The toll of the hours wasted
Uncoiled like a TV wire
Soon as it touched our lips we knew
The poison we took was through and through
The serpent uncoiled with a gleam in his eye
But Oh my God, my God,
I’ll never let you go
If I bury you today the dirt will be spoiled
By the sweetness of cakes, candles, presents, and ribbons left uncoiled
You didn’t ask
Burn it
Feel nothing at all
Handles fixed to your sides
The vacuum
Uncoiled your springs
Another leak in the attack
You look sick
The prophecy you
these hoes sprung open like an uncoiled wire
But I
I don’t play with fire
Knowing Threats is home with that fire
That's right
Pocket sized, but
thin caterpillars, slowly uncoiled.
It seemed they pushed themselves to be as plugs
Of ditches, where they writhed and shrivelled, killed.
By them had
Lights bowed in their dance and wept,The Polar Dragon slept,His heavy rings uncoiled from glimmering deep to deep:When will he wake from sleep?
the minds the bodies and souls a virtue spoiled obsessed and bound by oaths of old this ageless act uncoiled Stand before this living Hell Become the core
Serpent's eye that pierces all veils
Eye of the dragon that blaze in the void
it expands awakened
Illusions shattered as the serpent is uncoiled
Leaving no victims behind

Uncoiled in strike position
With alarming speed and precision - reptilian insurrection

Inverting earth's ruination
Those eyes and (this) tower have seeped into our open veins

Uncoiled was its strength
And our souls en masse
Poured down in sheets of rain
Those eyes and (this) tower have seeped into our open veins

Uncoiled was its strength
And our souls en masse
Poured down in sheets of rain

Disembodied a luminous hand
Holding the air, passing the current
A voice is channeled, a rope is uncoiled
Flicker the light
And someone is
arrogance, humility
Leave the sand behind, choose a sweeter energy
There's a noise that's destroyed when the eyes close 
There's a void uncoiled when

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