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a dancer
Dropped her body
Ready to unclothe me
Wanted me onboard
She got me kinda bored
Told her it’d be better if we end it all, we fought like lancers
the phase of the world

Divulge, expose, without fear
Disclose, unclothe, the F stops here
Ephemeral facade is a lie
Try as I might, the truth cannot hide
and see all the boys are running
Go and unclothe her and get a tan all over

Wearing a smile and hitting Coney Island
The bathing beauty of our show
Oh, unveil, unclothe, excoriate,
Decorticate, peel, divest, shred,
Strip and scalp Your nails,
Your hands haemmorage continiously,
Numbness will then
Bitch niggas
Quick to pwn some  
That nigga's bitch
Ain't stole her
Just glanced over
Gave a signal like controller
Like I wish I could unclothe ya
fucking a hoe in a rover
Saying red rover
Bitch come on over
But I don't love her
Yeah dude, I loathe her
Boy I unclothe her
Yeah I'm a cheefer
Bitch I'm
unclothe me
A couple shawties in the A-town, they stay down
But they be scamming when they hit my line it's straight to voice mail
Nother shawty out in
that little top you got
Unclothe the rest
Hope the EMS is set
Cause you gonna get to stroked to death
Let it loose
Don’t hold it in
My jimmy hat on cover
bad girl
Lil mama come and get this beating
Step in the room and lock that door
Unclothe yourself and drop your secrets
Put your back in curve
And your
Camera flash titty, high beam 69
She used both lips just to blow & bang band with
Unclothe upload drove up traffic
Uh yea until the server crashed
Hey girl I'm liking the way your skins looking without all that makeup
Unclothe your face let it breath
Let's embrace the beauty 
Let's save
to unclothe you
And it kills me cuz I know that things will never be the same
Man it kills me cuz I prayed and prayed but you don't ever change
It's crazy, is
Conquer the ocean by the noon day sun
By stars the same water turns to ice
Retreat the sails unclothe the skinny mast
And package me with whiskey
got mesothelioma 
Tell make a wish I'm slipping in a coma
I'm gonna
Die and I got one last wish, the Big Show
Unclothe him
Have him touch
Is it Warm enough in here for ya?
Shut The door and let me unclothe ya
Boy I know that you got that bomb
And you know that I want more of ya
where does it unclothe)
(which is two)
Is it circling in other matters gray?
(One, two)
(Push the button under one at the bottom)

Would you
some living
That do my limbs unclothe
But that the flesh my flesh has gripped
I both adore and loathe. Ho-i
Ay didly ay dil dy
Didle ay dil dy - again

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