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More love

More fearless

I lost my mind

And no triangle

unclose (x11)

Para o futuro
Tudo foi aberto

Não existe
me to return

I?m nourished by
Your day?s residues
Seeing through the veil
Unclose your mind

I?m the reflection of
All your waking lives
on the lowest branch a bud uncloses
A bud uncloses, to touch you, queen.
Nay, since you will not love, would I were growing
A happy daisy, in the garden path
tales of you
Tales of you

We are the winners
If we unclose our eyes
The feeling's not what it seems
The healing waits in our skies 
Wait in our
Unclose my eyes, let it be

Bring on the band of angels from the great divide
I'll never get to heaven so take me for a ride
Fruit on the tree is
Be careful what you do
Because is seeing you too

Every time when I close my eyes
Every time when unclose my eyes
I see you God I do 
Every time I
Radiance of ghost fire shine
Whisper and unclose my eyes
Twining violet youth along
With years of lonely wasted sun
Sleeping on the blue vein trail
on hollowed faces
Was there never time to heal the pain

Why do you criticise
Unclose your mind
Begin to recognise
There is no time

Look in their eyes, Do they
everything we felt
I already know that story unclose
All I wanna do is love u aah
Take my time
Read between the lines
Read between the lines

Here we
Concealing bloody hands
What was will again be
Accept reality
Nothing new on this earth
It's time for a rebirth
Unclose your eyes to see
to unclose
The pale gates of sunrise?

When all things repose do you alone
Awake to hear the sweet harps play
To Love before him on his way,
And the night wind
music plasma out at unknown frequencies
The sun dances in the gardens of my maze
Uncloses sleeping flowers with its flares

The sun, if it goes away, it's
to unclose
The pale gates of sunrise?

When all things repose, do you alone
Awake to hear the sweet harps play
To Love before him on his way,
And the night
Hydra calling 
Drown the chances failure 
Probe the bloodline 
Now it's time for royalty

Seal the shaft you left unclose
Rise above the shaming past
At that hour when all things have repose
O lonely watcher of the skies
Do you hear the night wind and the sighs
Of harps playing unto Love to unclose
the doors unclose
Tell me I can't makes me hand go and fold
They follow my story cause I write it in prose
Head up high like a giant
Team full of stars, glow
and confident
Be the showy rose
But mind unclose
Life is such a challenge
The rest put you on a test
You all play it best
sitting across, telling stories,
So sit across the table, our eyes unclose like books we've read twice

So cry ghost baby
So on the shelves lined with
Makes me feel like I want it all

Unclose my eyes
Listen to your cries
And try to feel my size
But my father's voice just won't subside
And suddenly
You unclose me
any second I would die for you
give my life for you
when you want me to
for you
and I save myself
when you come back through
I feel so far away
And so unclose to you
He feels just as I
Just the same as I do too
Born into a world where consequences take their toll on us
of pain unclose for me
Lost in maze I'll look for her
She'll guide me along to find the way

They will remember the time
When I did the mortal sin
Can't I

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