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never ever ever let me run dry

My head's a mess I have to unclog
Yeah what I need is the hair of the dog
Just a drink to clear the fog
Got a taste for
On the shores of Vulva-Core
See the sled of nebulon
Risen to the fore

The myriad delights
Asgardian nights
The Heavens un-clog
Damnation under God
Agape and Agog
in the rain

And the rain comes pouring down
Yeah yeah

[Verse 2]
And as I fall into the rain
Swimmin' through the flood, tryin' to unclog the drain
is you not Barbarino
My flows unclog your souls like Draino
My logic-tight like Plato
Whoop ass like Kato
With more troops than Nato
Wrekkin your
is you not barbarino
My flows unclog your souls like draino
My logic-tight like plato
Whoop ass like kato
With more troops than nato
Wrekkin your
a little round', make it all come back

Now open up your mind, as we unclog your brain
And wipe away these thoughts of what you ever felt was pain
Cause like
In the porsche
Shorty unclog the artery
Normally i don't like it this sloppy
But girl got me off properly
Thought about coppin the bitch some
need to be static yeah
Unclog your mind
Find the simplest solution
Your mind at ease
No mental pollution
Let your hair down
And keep rocking
from you
I'm not a plumber but let me get into you
I'll unclog ya sink with some dick and some spiritual
Cleansings and blessings now let's start this
It's only right that he get back to the root form
To unclog the airwaves like smacking a newborn
Your dude got a few screws loose and the glue's gone
Cause in the end all you can ever do is try

Distracted, scattered, lost in thought
You think you are what you are not
The sea that swims, unclog
are not
That’s the truth now come unclog our sinks

We are the swamp
We are the cesspool
It’s only money lies power and greed
That we say yes to
(I put in the hard work)

I held your hair back when you had too much to drink
I used my bare hands to unclog that bathroom sink
When you got
I'm looking for the operator 
She said there's no time
I'm going outta my mind 
I'm feeling so sick, stuck
And there's no counterpart 
To unclog my
won't stop, My time, my clock
Taken too much shit, it's time unclog 
With this EP that I'm bout to drop
Imma tell it to they face, I'm the cream
gripping this mic
You should unclog ya ears, you ain't listening right
Fixing ya life's, like fixing a bike
Missing some parts so I'm fishing tonight
ain't nobody bout to stop me I'm gon shine 
Cause when you think you stopping shit
Im gon unclog you everytime 
Im going off
It aint my fault
You know
motherfuckin cash

Damn bitch okay 
Go unclog that fat vay-jay 
You know im up so bitch whatsup so tell me whats the play

When lunch come go through
sounding ominous
You talk a lot of shit I brought my plunger to unclog this
I don't have HIV trust me I am positive
One dollar coins and 2 dollar bills I
Masking our faces don't unclog these blocked pores
It don't get any deeper than the South
A feud amongst brothers some more equal than others
I'm Superman's kryptonite
Now watch your girl unclog my pipe
Y'all better understand
This time it's all or nothing
Y'all only see the wins but went
I breathe for fecundity 

I think fundamentally 

I’m gone for a moment there

I was lost

To unclog my brainosphere

And hang for a second there

you not barbarino
My flows unclog your souls like draino
My logic - tight like plato
Whoop ass like kato
With more troops than nato

Wrekkin your house

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