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My horses run wild over your mind
My horses, panting, run wild over time
A thing of beauty
Hooves to trample fools
at ya like a tidal wave
I’m unbridled, babe
You think I’m unprepared
Maybe, a little unaware
I’m gonna make some mistakes, but I got what it takes
Yeah, I
and letting go
You can love her, but leave her unbridled
Still my hearts on fire
Sometimes treasure's best let go
Hills like white buffalos

On a cold
I do without you, my libido
Without you, men are just - friends
Must I be through with you, dear libido
Want my unbridled lust back again

You were
to learn she was in the nude 

Adam and Eve 
The first man, the first woman 
Unbridled by heavenly constraint 
Free to try the things that God said they
“Arise, come to me”, -It's your voice-
I see… I’ve been away from you
Unbridled fall!!, Unbridled fall!!
The effect is death; the cause is evil.
to ease your pain
Somewhere along the way you got over me

And I saw you change into a lioness
A beast in the wild, unbridled
I could see it in your

An absent sun
I've come undone
Unbridled haze

This life I knew as once complete
Evaporated at my feet

All I love will be
We come and go
And be reborn
The world is coming up unbridled
To our shore
I think I've met you before
Come a little faster, faster
Come a little
gone insane
Divine and inhumane)

Unbridled genius
Worlds within his extraordinary brain

Within this haven, there is more for you to witness
The second
War is within my nature
Cold blood driven by a black heart

Death tore through

I fear not what may await
I tear through those
Surrounded by Kentucky fried boys like a southern belle
With my unbridled spirit coursing the state
Like a goldenrod looking to pollinate
I'm gambling
and swore again.

But here I stand.
Rage unbridled.
Not what I used to be.
Pain so vital, it's necessary.

My dear I'm so sorry.
I can't control
the tea-leaves
Saw them crown you May Queen
Heard you sing the sweetest thing

But I been so unbridled
I fled at the face of my rival
when I felt his breath
pretty lies wrapping fingers around my skin
Saying, "baby, we won't bite if you let us pull you in."
I'll never fall into your crooked game, unbridled
the wide-eyed girl
Who runs down her dreams out west
And then there's the one about me
That one ain't finished yet

It's still untitled
It turns like
Into glory we will ride
Be unbridled in determination burn the seasons
Into glory we will ride
Be unbridled in determination
Burn the seasons

a word
Travel the countryside to find a stone, none left unturned
Discover truth unbridled for a Mother’s new revival
The few will soon be trailed by
staring at her wondering what would be
Then out went her thumb cuz she still wants to fly unbridled 
Spirit of the gypsy man will never die
Unbridled spirit
yourself to fake a smile
Terror breeds a form of hate
Birthing my unbridled angst

Fester misery
Festering the scene
Fester misery
Festering the scene


These appetites for vanity and avarice
Have led us to a state of unbridled selfishness
Can't discern between what you want
And what you need
I see the shame that overlies me
I see the lights shining at me
The unbridled one unknown

I’m not the product of my words 
Or a reflection of what I
Like staring malignancy in the eye
Unbridled confidence
Considered not the weight
Unblinking and content
Small cuts keep the wounds anew
chest, singing like a choir

Oh let me be an animal
Unbridled by the words you speak

How would I know if you've been telling the truth
When there's a part

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