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Nice Unbalance
Nice Unbalance どうりで

夕陽に助けられ 無ロにならなきゃ
時間過ぎても 不公平じゃ無い
キスをしてね 周辺(あたり)がまだ
kind of messing up game
I know you're ready for like
A million replays
You still have that power
To unbalance the game
I have lost by far
unbalances (I don't know what I'm singing, why I'm singing)
They control me randomly (I think I can, I know I)

{What up playa, my name is Captivity
lovin' me
Like smoke I
Hang around in the unbalance
Let's call this love at first light
Cuz you were warm
You set my mind on fire
And if you sprinkle in
あなたはアナタのその 生き方に満足はできてる?

hindrance and hindrance なんだって認めたくないんだな
そして王道を辿って 知らぬ間に死んでいく奴が増える
unbalance and unbalance なんだって認められたいのは
Throne of Thorns, conspire
Privilege, Maleficence
King or Tyrant, Similar
Loss will be my devotion
Treachery, cowards
Beware, behind
Usurper of my
あぁいつの時代もSo unbalance 
時期尚早 急がば回れ 

What do you want me to do?
Do you want me to spoil you? 

of tolerance rings loud and clear
Is it just a dream?

Riding the rails in a world so hollow
Imperfect unbalance, as above so below
Life on the road is just
I won't let this world unbalance me.

There's nothing to stop us,
From losing it all,
So follow your heart and soul.
'Cause nothing will matter,
What you get on your hands then
Could un-balance your glands and
Make you blind or whatever
In the dangerous kitchen
At my house tonight
to snap jam
I'm just expectin' the spectator's respect here
My net is from jet setters to cab fares
Hip-hop's unbalances got out of hand
Ain't have
unbalance, today?

Hold (hold)
Hold the raging lights, they're shining on you (shinin' on you)
Hold (hold)
Hold (hold)
Hold the raging lights, they're
a rifle
A We a buy out the bar any time we go a dance
And anytime we floss the gyal dem haffi prounce
Me stand pon mi two fot and me never unbalance
hang on I have negative unbalance my guts
Where they are not dumb to these false leaders anymore
And now you want to achieve another worthless defeat.
about to die
Die, you know it
You're about to die, die

I'm the unbalance
I'm the terror
In your made up atmosphere
I'm the disturbance
Will never survive the greater test of time.

Deliver me from these feverish eyes
That threaten to unbalance my state of mind.
For I must
Will never survive the greatest test of time

Deliver me from those feverish eyes
That threaten to unbalance my state of mind,
For I must confess
want somebody to sit and wait for you
What a shame
It's ratchet
They way you are acting
For looks and attention
You say that I'm callous
No I'm
Nor the heir
But I'm the king of the house
Not over here
Eight to two
That's an unbalance
My game is over
There never was balance
Scales are tipped
Succumbing to the gravity
Social security
You got to be kidding me
Mass incarceration
When the people need help
I cannot fail to mention
The unbalance in
rapid up the style them a drop like a bam
Ever move straight we nuh move unbalance
Hustle Fi the dollar Na Fi beg no one
Create we own style na Fi follow
that way.
Now, I'm double Windsor tongue tied,
Does my unbalance suit me well?
Just tell it to me straight
Am I over the weather
Or looking under it?
on the water bottle grows
It unbalances, and it falls off
And that's the dance
At the pho place
They denied us our rights to pack up the broth for home
So I took
till I'm dead 
I got this chemistry
Known to fuck up energy 
Instantly unbalance your walk on a line of symmetry 
And if any think somehow they can

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