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the past
Now you left me bleeding man our ship got unattached
Unattached, eyy
We got around, we got attached
Fuckin' rest
Now I'm doing something with
got no sweetness to waste
So come a little closer
And meet my gaze
Oh Darlin
I know
I know your soul
I'm so unattached to the physical
Oh Darlin
I know
If it's good I'ma run it back
I'm on all fours, I throw it back
No shame, I'm unattached
In the game I'm a muthafuckin quarterback
If it's good I'ma
You say that I'm distant
I'm always trippin
I'm unavailable for love
You say that I'm unattached
Why I always act like that
I'm unavailable for love
of a landmine
The caboose is loose the train track's unattached and I

Engine, engine number 9
On that Maxon-Dixon line
Chasing whiskey, sipping shine
seat back unattached 
I don't feel nothing 

Who the fuck is he
And what the fuck you mean
Oh, I see now you don't really fuck with me
I remember we was
Can’t love you back
It makes me sad & I know it makes you mad
It's just something I don’t have
The destruction from my past
Clearly melted
And slid on linoleum
Unattached but I'm attached
I roll around

Its hot outside its dead inside
I'm out id rather melt
X-head is killing cats
Why they all gotta do me like that
When my mind feel so damn unattached
When they used to be so damn attached
Swinging from my hip like a fucking gat
complaining tell em get up off my sack
Been and felt too many things
Tonight im gettin unattached
Cus we going all the way up
Up yea
See me having fun and they
That's a wave tho
With a semi auto trip, no facts tho
And I'm lost tho
Unattached tho
Fixing what I fix, no relax mode
This a stopwatch, that's
this moment
Is all that I have
To live and love today
The past is the past
I feel in this moment
Like strings unattached
You swallow me like waves
guy to dry your eyes
This situation has got me unattached within
I don't know where my life is goin'
Judgin' all the places that I've been baby

Cause I’m an unattached spoiled brat
Baby can you handle that
Not the easiest to deal with, no cap
Cause I do what I want (Yeah)
So tell me is this
know what to say
I’m insecure of a kind
I don’t backstab a person
That puts me out on street
I just mould them, till I get them
Unattached, till they
You don't know me 
Keep talking like you knew me 
You don't know 
All the talking sounds like 
You don't know me 
I'm really unattached to your
lies I ain't following him
That's why I'm unattached

Yeah, hey, guess who's back now?
DMC, woo, I ain't gonna back down
Until the Lord stops me, I know
we won't last
Oh so sad
We could run it back
Or leave unattached
Said I'd be right back
Wouldn't leave like that
Let me pass
Leave me in the past
I wish em the best, I cut em off
When dey changed up
I showed love, didn't get it back
Now I'm feeling unattached
And dis is where we at
Now dey
Taking flight
Every time
Makes me feel like it's not wrong

Hush hush
Nobody's gotta know
These strings are unattached
I'm not tryna be your girl

Want you
I'm unattached
From my mind
I need my heart to
Your love is lost I feel
I guess that shit was well timed
You got me looking for signs
up thinking that they're just like you

I end up thinking that they're just like you
Always speaks
But hardly acts

I end up
Taking flight
Every time
Makes me feel like it's not wrong
Hush hush
Nobody's gotta know
These strings are unattached
I'm not tryna be your girl
Want you
Controlled, consumed 
Thoughts unattached 
Each one a failed synapses detached from fact 
One positive, one negative 

Desperate, holding

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