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Tell me why we get so unassured, I just don't know
Tell me why we chase the clout and fame
Tell me why we choose to play the game

Top down, we be
With another me
Completely unassured
From the pass of history
It's a saddening thing
From a distant place
Ready to be close to you
With enough time for
Keep ya space act rightly n know they damn worth 
Learn your place tread kindly and remain obscured 
Path's on Waze be timely if ya unassured 
A beautiful corpse
A Happy divorce 
Trapped in remorse 
Relief is absorbed 
Surely unassured
Forever nevermore 
Vulnerbly secured 
Fucked till I
it's not unassured
If fear's a disease the consider me cured
Open the door

Because it feels like Midnight
I know all the world exists
But, I can't
Process is motion, product is rest 
Repetition is a form of change 
Honor your intent as a secret mistake 

Rest unassured it stumps the best of us
sure, you had fun, but you sure wasted the years
Now here it goes again

So solemnly
The eras meet their ends
So indifferent
Unassured quality
to a feeling 
Tonight it canʼt get much worse
So turn this ache to purpose

This is who we were 
Imbalanced now 
Self unassured 
The change of now

On your old town
You begin 

A bit unassured
A bit insecure
I climbed up
And saw the world I lacked
And my fist stone cracked
Foundations collapsed
If you ever torch your bridges
If you're ever past the starlight
If you're ever unassured
Forever you will burn

As you sleep unearthly grace

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