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ignore the young fantasies
Leave them unaddressed

We used to dream from the safety of a bunk bed
But those dreams ain't coming true its getting into my
need you
Golden highway deserter You never had any friends
You just leave all your letters unaddressed
It's not where you've been that bothers me It's
behind the lies
Someone got hurt
Someone got high
Some of them left the rest behind

All of your mail is unaddressed
Cut the Herman free from
Blood trickles from his mouth, down his chin, what a mess
I've got nothing to offer him, with a life unaddressed
Throw it all away in the dentist
on a wounded knee,

To the madness I do confess
I never see myself as blessed
Confused, unaddressed,
Like a saviour I do caress,

The truth is boredom
Something was left
Inside my heart

I just can't help 
But wonder why
We never said
Our last goodbye

We never said 
Our last goodbye
all to hear.
These are living, breathing beings like us.
Going, gone unaddressed, undeniable
These are living, breathing beings like us.
They don't look
I've got to go, I can't be here
Incomplete, wasted time
Unaddressed, where is she?
Please understand, it may not appear like I'm scared
Choked up,
the trauma’s unaddressed
Tryna put the past to rest
Memories I’ve been reliving
Gotta bring it to the surface
Otherwise I hit a ceiling
Only God is who I’m
All of your questions
Won’t go unaddressed
But I never wanna let you go
I just wanna let you know
Lor baby
I never felt this before
Love it when you
But it could also make things worse if its just left unaddressed
Uno we give so much of ourselves and so much love and then
There isn't anything
the pain get passed
On to someone who never asked for it
And when left unaddressed, relationships can really never last. So it's
Time for me to grow beyond
You got a problem please don't leave it unaddressed
We stomp you out and then we bounce to get the check
I'm rocking Johnny now I'm going on a quest
send no shot my way unaddressed
Red eye flights me and wifey on da jet
Ain’t even start Draggin just wait till I flex
Spared a life yesterday lil nigga
of my own progress
A culmination of my past duress while trying to prevent my inevitable evanescence 
As well as unaddressed regrets and a lack
remain unaddressed 
Life as a whole has me stressed
That's the point it's a test
Get the fuck up and get dressed
Positive outlook, be blessed
Fuck that I'm
my crew is the best
If they take it they will not confess
The real we say it with chest
And we never leave shit unaddressed
Always just scheming with
If this is your web
I stay invited
A guest, I guess
Now this is my mess
Pick it off when I undress
Left unaddressed, I guess
I guess
I guess
tryna save the coochie
You can ask the kids in her throat how she use to do me
Crazy situations that I gotta leave unaddressed
Told my mind to let it go
I can hear you thinking
It's all over your face and I know why
You would keep me guessing
Unaddressed like questions of your desire
Count to seven
One for every close friend

You didn't expect to vomit
Listening to the Mountain Goats
No one claimed that Tallahassee
Was keeping you afloat

of rumors going around I Just feel I leave to much unaddressed
That’s why they keep trying me
But they can’t blemish my image cause
I really been been that am
Jealous possessed
Lust unaddressed
I feel like I don't exist
I see when they blink they miss my calls
Stop sinking, start to fall
Four walls closing
That she leaves unaddressed
Cause there be wild ass niggas
That's requesting of sex
Tryna cuff her through some comments
Tryna make an arrest

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