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unacquainted with your love
When we sleep your back is always turned to me
And when we speak do you always have to question me
Not open to this side of you
unacquainted with
Just the stress of what is next'll give me hell
I'll try never reveal the way I've felt
'Cause if it's something real 
I think I'm here enough
Videte miraculum matris Domini:
Concepit virgo virilis ignara consortii

Behold the miracle of the Lord's mother:
The virgin conceived unacquainted
And I Am
Everything I said that I hated I’m most underrated I’m feeling like a leaf unacquainted with everything and everyone because I’m pushing away
Unacquainted with the one that stands before me
Assembled with such careful calculation
Are you the man that you claim to be? 
A dream once hopeful,
This week, I prayed, one time
My phone, it rang, I put You on the other line
And now my thoughts they drift around
My knees remain unacquainted
2 people, one lifetime
Maybe I'm gonna go out and meet you tonight
2 lovers still unacquainted
Feel like I wanna go find someone tonight

We make
gon' work
Not trying to sell a dream to you, for what the fuck it's worth
I did a lot of shit, I'm dying with my dirt
But, you still holding on, you
its unacquainted
To my appetite
I survived without the plate
When you starving can’t concentrate
But I'm not ratchet just a fashion
Run my way for its
Unacquainted then name it
I feel like I'm important
We can work it out
I've been riding on the middle With no lane I've found
She been vibing just a little
Life is still in color ain't it
I open the blinds and the sky is still painted blue
Over 2 million cases
A bunch of Einsteins argue with doctors
That none of y'all safe
Paved a few roads
Even showed y'all the way
Licking the frosting
Cause shawty got cake
Came here with
Some friends thinkin
I've been up and down and around, hey
Searching for a way to cope with
Everything that left me broken

It don't matter if they all hate, hey
unacquainted strangers you didn't really know me at all
I guess I could have played it cool
Act like a fool and fall into your arms
I could have acted
Or unacquainted
Always together in my heart

These stormy weathers
ruffle my feathers
so glad the clouds began to part

But there's no hurry
Joy’s in the journey

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