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don't matter cause he got 12, dollars
Paper, paper
Gotta make it, without it
You remain unacknowledged
Unacknowledged unacknowledged
know been graduating from college
And you still sitting on the couch broke unacknowledged
When everyone you know been graduating from college
And you
idolized you

The fate of dawn was their damnation
Still unacknowledged and misrepresented
No matter the darkness you will shine through
Or rather
to unacknowledged end
All the poetry and melody forgotten
All the languages that won't be heard again

When hist'ry is stolen, connections are broken
And I'm
I won’t
Spare us
Will not save you
Time is gone
Save us
Help us
Time is gone
Come now
I am strong
I met a girl at college
Blonde strong and unacknowledged
She asked me if I'll rush
I told her it was dumb
Then she went and called my bluff

When you
unlimited perks
What these niggas gross-out yearly, is what I'm making off of this verse
Being broke or unacknowledged, I can't tell which one is worse
off, I really am
Found that out so quick, after you left

But you still left, man you still left
Unacknowledged pain is left to fester

I'm already
What chu sayin
The truth nobody knows
Cause I hate explainin
Awkward moments unacknowledged 
So my breath is wasted
A Asthmatic 
And you abusin my oxygen
Healing begins to expose what has long been buried, unacknowledged, or pushed away
Healing is a pretty word with an atrocious process, and most will
and the unacknowledged nods. Dial tones and
license plates. The words you didn't choose. Everything the
day's too small to hold spills on to the dusk, and shorts
Never to see the sun again
This Sisyphean affliction
Fated litany of man
Countless echoes
Rest between the sires
Silent unacknowledged
Fated litany
I'm just bleeding every night
Been overly-dramatic since the age of ten
Young man, long hair
Don't know where to begin
I'm suppressing all the pain
em (don't you let em)
I can't let em take it from me
The shit they pulled didn't go unnoticed just unacknowledged
And i know they didn't want me
unacknowledged, I need that drive
Meet that deadline, with overtime, get it done, next
Keep it moving fluid, cause the cheques don't let me rest
Benefits are AWOL
Bitch league is IV, like a lifeline
Polished, my
Skill to kill at will and drill
Tolerance, into the
Minds of men, so please just pardon
The artisan
The mirrors and the unacknowledged nods
Dial tones and license plates
The words you didn't choose

Everything the day's too small to hold
this house of cards was always bound to collapse

Verse 3
Long before I had you  
I new  life was a fragile force
Unacknowledged I walk home used,

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