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Patented the Mars-flower
I have unlimited power
For survival
I will be unaccountable
There is no need to take the blame
If you were me
are insufferable
And unaccountable
I'm fighting for my sanity
You're irresponsible
I'm gonna take control
But it might bring out the worst in me

down 'cause you ain't nobody

I'm unaccountable
Believe that
So sick and tired of you
My emotions are in control
I'm takin' the high road

Oh, I
see myself in a mist of smoke
Death becomes any nigga that takes me for a joke
We hit a five dollar stick, now we putting in work
Bankroll unaccountable, down at the phantom blue
Bitches drinkin' Rosé like it's Mountain Dew
Guess what she's down to do, roll up a pound or two
Buts it's a wonder that will never fade
A marvel that will tickle the mind
It's unaccountable in actual time
But when we're free 
They'll see that
ruby to the lip

I stand before myself not Jekyll nor Hyde
Not sibling nor twin separated at birth
I stand before myself unaccountable

I dreamt that I
I deserve to act like an animal
Think I earned a break from the pedestal
I deserve dick on my schedule
Pussy so good, that's why I act so
to the lip

I stand before myself not Jekyll nor Hyde
Not sibling nor twin separated at birth
I stand before myself

I dreamt that I had feet
into line and wait your turn
Remember Jesus slaves
Department of Probation:
"Legally It can't be blamed,
Held therefore unaccountable
Since It's
""Front pages complicate - beltway Backdoor dividends - getaway First world briberies - beltway Whitewashed felonies - getaway Unaccountable - scot
about is unaccountable
Saying nothing, making noise with your mouth like you're out of road
Never seen an ounce of blow, flexin' like you Al Capone

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Seven years and countin, I've been accounting
For unaccountable rap problems
'Cause accountant countin his rap dollars
The ice
Yates, sir'
Unaccountable strange actions for
Getting you know than pay fractions more
Only vote 4 the pay actions
Me and Bori baby both 4 the same faction
unaccountable, how predictable
I've lost all my will

If you only knew where i'd been
Then you'd understand where i'm coming from
I can't stand sinking under
notable, what the fuck do I gotta prove; these Niggas tryna lose
Only thing that I'm seeing plausible they unaccountable
Couldn't move a gram with a pound
To the overwhelming overriding need of profit for investors
Uh Decisions are placed in the hands of unaccountable private attorneys

Which means that even if, formal
See I move like a mountain tho
Never been unaccountable to ya
You my boo
But who are you
When news is
You ain’t down the road
Used to do it
to get accountable
It's time to step back and attract
The unaccountable
He had a dream
You shared it too
Or so it seemed…
But, only when it's comfortable
fight opinions
I'm dealin with a lot
It take its toll on love
I should rely on God
But where the heck's my dawgs?
Unaccountable I slip
In my heart
Summer is back
Ready as ever
All the beers stacked
No more clever
Alcohol flows freely
Teenagers dancing widly
When the girls will be unaccountable
stay slow
(Hold me still you keep me stable)
I know you can't be so comfortable
With my morals so unaccountable
My grief has been stuffed in packages
know gold
Look with ease unaccountable
Hired victory come to claim on me
Pulling on my feet looking at them go
This is for my odds coming through
Unaccountable got niggas suicidal
God removing the users he used be right beside you
Hallucinating illuminated on the situation
Using Satan to place the blame

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