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I get super ghost
Strap my boots to go
This my usual
To stay unusual
I stay unaccepted
I fuck unprotected
Just another legend
That feel so neglected
to live and be and further thier cause

Rat race of humanity are we to blame

Trends upon trends following their game

Deviation unaccepted why do you
wanna see young niggas make it
Unaccepted, I'm a renegade
Real life ima renovate
Pop pop He been working a lot
Plug called said he finally restocked
Said I used to feel neglected
Knowing I was better
Had me feeling like I'm very unaccepted
Left me out to dry yea the gutta
Yea the gutta where they
To roll me for a good time
You're lonely, unaccepted
You're gorgeous, kiss me again
Kiss me again

The trouble I see in those eyes
Is it the travel
find this sound
mix of every tin gong and add the ground
una come far jungle jeep before we on
we feel upset cause the singer have an unaccepted look
Operating under the crooked American system too long 
Outkast, pronounced out cast 
Adjective meaning homeless or unaccepted in society 
But let's
made us angry
All your love could hide
But we knew you were afraid

We accept, we unaccepted, we made up, we're breaking up
You've thought you had
Rejected by BGT, unaccepted by SMT
Slaving away but still my account's empty
Whilst they claim to be so friendly
Sticking a knife in your back so gently
still in her arms
It’s hard not to leave
When you’re so damn naive
And it’s hard to co-exist
With our problems unaccepted
Do you think that we can change?
of a nappy
Sends him into sunshine

When you're paranoid
And your thoughts come never ending
You'll be feeling this gloom

He knows it's unaccepted
But it's
In this navy blue heart is a little boy
He was so unaccepted with all these toys
And i felt way too bad
I felt super sad
Cuz i went through the same
Keep moving on
Moving on
The blocks are part of life

When dreams get faded
Disfigured and unaccepted
Shattered downgraded and stomped on
And become
when the world makes me feel replaced
And unaccepted
You remind me that
It's all a part of the lesson
You stay the same
Even when things around me start
a perfect person I have done a lot of things
Misdirected unaccepted and always left God to blame
And the way I go insane makes me think if Gods insane
(Socially unaccepted)
Rejected by BGT, unaccepted by SMT
Slaving away but still my account's empty
Whilst they claim to be so friendly
Sticking a knife in your back so gently
Unaccepted, exclusion, repulsion from somewhere
Finding yourself, a home, a support and the meaning, the stream, am I dreaming of me
Reality that's
with you)
I just wanna be with you

I promise to give you all my love
(You're never gonna feel neglected)
(Feel unaccepted)
Cause you're all mine
lead to questions from the unaccepted
Right here and now we make our vow to never once regret it
Cause I don't need your shame
So please believe me when
Russell Simmons my ambition just respect it 
It was times I felt neglected unaccepted close call 
I had to dodge like intrepids it was hectic 
Don't talk
be this way
I only go on dates with straights
Always felt unaccepted 
By the gay community 

So I only mess with straight boys
Cause they luh me
genetics, feeling depressed unaccepted
Motivation interception, I could break at any second
I just
I just wanna see, what they meant when they said this isn't
things out like i’m invented
Fix the things with me is unaccepted
Just live your life
Lost in my dreams, can’t take how cops kill us with a beam
All this

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